10 Gender Neutral Baby Shower Gifts

Dealing with a soon-to-be parent who isn’t revealing baby gender? This can turn into a situation if you are invited to said baby shower and are wondering what you should get. Below are some pretty cool baby shower gifts that are usable regardless of baby gender.

Baby Shusher – The Soothing Sleep Miracle for Babies

What rational mother would not want a device to help calm a fussy baby? Get some kudos at the baby shower party as the best baby shower gift ever.

This revolutionary baby product calms a frantic baby with rhyhmic “shush” sound that works so well to soothe fussy babies.
Parenting technique from “The Happiest Baby on the Block” — As seen on the NBC’s Today Show

“The Baby Shusher stops crying by engaging the natural calming reflex of your baby. It uses a parenting technique made popular by Dr. Harvey Karp in the ‘Happiest Baby on the Block’ book. The Baby Shusher incorporates the fourth ‘S’ of the ‘Five S” — shushing. With loud, rhythmic shushing noises, the Baby Shusher draws on ancient, time-tested practices.” – read more at at Amazon

Splish Splash! Bath Time Baby Gift Basket


Here’s a thoughtful baby shower gift, who thinks about baby bath time? This yellow ducky themed gift set is the perfect gender-neutral gift, that will make bathtime a blast!

Comes with baby shampoo, a hooded towel, and other bath accessories.
Available at Corner Stork Baby Gifts & More


This thermometer, so you don’t have to disturb sleeping sick baby.

TempTraq Wearable Smart Thermometer – 24HR Continuous Fever Monitoring with Mobile Alerts

Let your baby sleep while you monitor their vitals with this wearable thermometer that actually has 24 hour intelligent thermometer that continuously senses, records, and sends alerts of a child’s temperature to your mobile device. TempTraq is an FDA-Cleared, Class 2 Medical Device. (thank you 21st century)


Quick-speed Baby Bottle Warmer

No matter what gender your baby is, they gonna need some milk. And babies enjoy their feed warm, like any other sane person would. So a bottle warmer makes a perfect gift for Mum without having to know whether they are a boy or girl.


Baby & Toddler Cookbook

Healthy homemade meals for babies! Contains the best recipes for babies for healthy and delicious meals.


Car Organizer for Back Seat + FREE Visor Organizer

There’s going to be a lot of toys, baby gear accessories and other odd objects throughout mum’s journey through parenthood. This car organizer will come more than handy and help relieve stress from inevitable clutter and baby stuff chaos.


Hatch Baby Rest Night Light, Sound Machine, and OK-to-Wake

Promotes a better night’s sleep for baby, toddler or big kid (and parents) by customizing hues, brightness and sounds, lets yo save them as favorites for future use. Simplify and makes nighttime feedings plus diaper changes transition through with easy using gentle lighting and white noise.

 Set and control programs from the device or remotely from your phone – no need to disrupt a sleeping baby. Learn more at Amazon


Sophie the Giraffe

One of the most popular baby teethers out there. Among the highest rated teethers at that. For some reason babies love giraffes as their teether.. However, this new Zebra teether may serve as a qualified alternative.



Chill, Baby Volume Pacifier

Here you have a gift that is pragmatic, but offers a touch of humor to the occasion. At times you will want your baby to shut the hell up, and the pacifier is the best tool to do so. The humorous volume button serves as a deflator of baby noise as well as parent irritability, as you see it in the moment and say to yourself, lol for reals.

This Baby Shark Robe to keep baby warm & dry.

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