25+ Awesome Baby Nursery Decor Ideas // Themes, Artwork & Accessories for the Nursery

Nursery with White Bamboo Dresser

That stuffed giraffe tho’… whoa. That would make a great addition to any safari jungle themes. —via www.helendavisdesign.com


Snowy Top Mountains Wall Decal 🙂

You can usually find a good artist locally to paint your nursery theme wall, this one is pretty nice if you ask me (because I love the mountains) or you can buy all kinds of wall art for your nursery. I’m liking pretty much everything about this design, simple – a very cool rug design… I’m not sure about that awkward ceiling lamp though…  not for me.

Turtle Nursery Wall Decal!

Little turtles are always welcome… who doesn’t like turtles?


A crib bedding cover compliments your themes nursery by making your crib blend into the style. This forest bear theme is a great example, with the Bedtime Originals Honey Bear 3 Piece Crib Bedding Set.

This bedding set is pretty rad’ as well. A Western rustic design with little horsies

This Leafy baby mobile would go great with pretty much any nature based themes…
Junglebook theme, forests, country, mountains, safari and such 😉

if you look closely, there is a deer chillin’ there in the center. This baby mobile is quite elegant if you ask me..


Modern Clear Acrylic Small Bassinet on Hairpin Legs


One of the coolest baby crib stands. Look at it! Source : LittleCrownInteriors.com

This out of the ordinary shelving, shaped like triangles offers many decorating possibilities for your nursery room.


Wooden Handmade Owl Bookends

Owls make a good addition to most nursery themes, because they are cute, fluffy and wise.

Be sure to add plenty of cool books you can read to your baby when they grow through their toddler years!

Here are some Owl nursery art prints to go along with the above Owl bookends… 🙂


An actual bird house sitting atop a tree wall decal. Great as stand alone nursery feature but would go great with some Owl nursery stuff…


Don’t forget to babify’ your lamp shades with cool nursery lamps and shades.


You’ll regret not getting this personalized Handprint & Footprint Frame for your nursery!

This Elephant hamper..


or this Owl hamper..


Don’t forget to add some adorable nursery pillows like these…


I really like these wall art prints for some reason… Adventure is out there! Go forth little one!

cute wall art prints for baby nursery



This is a really cool country chic baby girl nursery set up. Click here for more country ideas


Yeaa littl bro, Life, it’s like riding waves, some high some low. But you know what bra, you always end up on the shore… or you get eaten by sharks. Buts that’s life, ya kno’. Gnarley beachy baby nursery set up here…


And though she be but little, she is fierce

Notice how this is the perfect nursery shelf display with a baby coat clothes hanger… say what!


Etsy seller “ArtByNataera” creates adorable & whimsy artwork for baby nurseries. My favorite is the one with the monkey giving a flower to a hippo… This kind of art work would go great with a jungle themed nursery, click here for more jungle nursery ideas.

Click Here for more artwork by Etsy seller ArtByNataera


this Elephant clock….



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