Best Stand Up Toys For Babies to Encourage Walking

Fun Stand Up Toys For Babies

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) around 9 months of age is around the time most babies will start trying to stand on their own. You can help encourage your baby to practice standing & walking with fun stand up toys that foster confidence and motivation.

Toys that encourage standing and walking are great fun for babies, and equally fun for mom and dad who get to watch their baby as they learn to stand and walk while they play with their favorite toys (don’t forget the camera!) Below are some of the best standing toys for babies to help them learn to stand up and balance on their own, while having great fun in the process!

Fisher-Price Go Baby Go! Stride-to-Ride Dino

Dino Walker Fischerprice

The Stride-to-Ride Dino by Fisher-Price is an adorable push toy that kids love. The affable Dino character quickly becomes a great companion. On top of the Dino’s head are three lights that light-up as your baby walks, along with sound effects and music, to encourage your baby to keep walking to continue the good times. And Stride-to-Ride Dino offers his fun companionship into toddler-hood as this toy will convert from a walker to a ride-on. So once your baby has mastered walking, they can move on to the next lesson – bicycling 😉

Fisher-Price Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

Bright Beginnings Activity Walker

Another great stand up toy from Fisher-Price is the Bright Beginnings Activity Walker. This is your standard cruiser toy for babies that is used and adored by many parents around the world.  This walker comes with a plethora of gizmo accessories to keep your baby occupied and interested, including flipping doors, sliding beads, turning gears, spinning panels and a ball that spins in the center. The toy folds flat for younger babies, and for when your learning baby is tired of cruising around and just wants to play.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Puppy and Friends Learning Table

Laugh & Learn Puppy and Friends Learning Table

Another great stand up toy from Fisher-Price! (Can you tell we love this baby brand?) Unlike the other two standing toys, this one is stationary and acts as a tool to help your baby stand up on their own. The legs snap on to elevate the toy when your baby is ready to practice standing. And this toy comes with a ton of educational play features to keep your baby interested. With four light-up corners full of learning, each has an entire interactive learning center with lights, music, sound effects and a friendly character who invites baby to play, encouraging movement.

VTech Grow Along Music Center

Grow Along Music Center

The Grow Along Music Center by VTech is a toy that will grow as your baby does. With tons of cool musical features, you can get your baby hooked on this while they are in their “sitting phase” and then when it comes time to practice standing you can raise it up so your baby must practice standing if they want to play. What does the Vtech Music Center offer? Some of the coolest features are the voice-changing microphone that will warp your babies voice to 4 fun effects, over 75 songs, melodies, sounds and phrases and light-up keys that flash along with your child’s singing. If you want to train your baby to one day become a famous singer/musician while they learn to stand up, this is the toy for you!

Boikido Wooden Push And Play

Boikido Wooden Push And Play

The Boikido Wooden Push & Play is a simple wagon that your baby can use to trolley around their toys. In the process your baby will develop skills in balance and walking while they push and pull their wagon around the home. On each side are little mazes to incite curiosity – one side a simple spiral type maze, and the other side a more intricate & complex maze, each with lovable characters and items (such as a bunny and a carrot).

Wooden Block Set Walker

Wooden Block Walker

This is an alternative wagon type walker which is designed out of wood. Besides the quaint traditional touch that a wooden walker provides, it makes a great option for those of you sick of plastic! Seriously, what is it something like 90% of toys and baby products are made out of plastic?? It’s getting old. What happened to those old-fashioned wooden toys? Keep it traditional and use this cool wooden walker wagon complete with colorful wooden blocks for your child to play with.

Cute Froggy Push Pull Walker

Eonkoo Cute Cartoon Animal Wooden Toy Push Pull for Children Gift,Safety Wooden Walker. Comes in all sorts of different animals like cat and mouse ; and one that looks like mickey mouse.

Bright Starts Roaming Safari Walk-A-Bout Walker

Safari Baby Walker

This Walk-a-bout walker lets your baby roam about it Safari fashion. This walker makes it easy for your baby to explore the room, and once your baby falls in love with the idea of walking around from point a to b, when you remove the walker they will feel motivated to do it on their own. Babies will enjoy time in their walker with a fun safari play theme. With jungle animals about and baby can activate fun safari sounds by spinning the wheel. The walker is adjustable to fit with your baby’s height.

Little Tikes EasyScore Basketball Set

Tike Basketball Hoop

Once your toddler masters standing up & walking on their own, you can further build their gross motor skills along with their hand to eye coordination with this fun toddler basketball hoop. This basketball set can be used for years on, as you can adjust the settings, and is the perfect way to keep your child healthy and active. The hoop willa djusts to six different heights randing from 2 to 4 Feet.

Hape – Walk-A-Long Puppy

Harpe Walking Puppy

Babies love to mimic grown ups. After watching you, or the neighbors, walking a cute puppy around, there is no doubt your baby will want to join in on the fun. Use it as an opportunity to foster some coordination, balance and walking skills! Your baby will be delighted to have their own special friend they can pull around.

Encouraging your Baby Tike to Walk

Give your little one some toys and games that encourage healthy activity. Plus this will help boost your baby’s confidence, inspire motivation through play, and help break through the barriers of those first intimidating wobbly steps.

“Baby walking toys are some of the first ‘active’ toys that toddlers engage with, helping them to feel confident and comfortable when they’re taking their first strides,” says Adrienne Appell, trend specialist at the Toy Industry Association.

Here are 5 Games to Get Your Baby Walking via

And learn more ways to Encourage Baby’s First Steps Read this post by North Shore Pediatric Therapy by Judy Wang, PT, DPT on ways to safely encourage walking early as possible.

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