10 Funny Baby on Board Stickers For Your Car

Using a “baby on board” vinyl sticker on your car is a great way to signal to the idiots on the road that they should try to drive less like an idiot while around you, so they don’t endanger your baby. But you don’t have to use a regular boring sticker to do this.. showcase your wonderful sense of humor by using one of these amusing baby on board stickers!

Tiny Human on Board! Cause “baby” is less specific.


huge financial burden on board sticker

Well, they are! A good financial burden, if you like 😉


Baby on Surf Board, Pa-PUN



Baby on SKATEBOARD – Pa-pa-PUN!



Hipster Baby on Board


Baby on Board, BACK OFF!!


Not only funny, it will also let unsafe, dangerous drivers know they better back off..
cause I got the balls to rock this profane sticker, imagine what I’ll do to you!


Baby in this motherf#@%$!
..another funny profane sticker, but censored out of respect for grandmas on the road!


A funny “Kids on Board” sticker for those of you raising two youngins’



Prince of the Jungle on board! For all you fans of The Lion King