10 Feeding Sets Your Toddler Will Love to Eat From

Getting your toddler to sit down and eat when told is easier said than done. But it will no doubt be easier if you use dinnerware that they love to use! Below are some of the best sectional feeding plates to get your kid excited to eat their meals!

Milliard Kids Dinnerware Game Plate | Toddler Dish for Picky Eaters

One of the best ways to make a toddler do what they’re told, is to turn it into a game! Gamify’ dinner time with this plate that has a tasty treat at the end of the train, but your kid must first pass through all the levels first ( the healthy stuff) before they reach the end (tasty surprise).

Paw Patrol sectional plate set

If you’ve exposed your child to Paw Patrol, there is a 99.9% chance they are obsessed.
Introduce some paw patrol to dinner time to psych up your kids!

paw patrol dinnerware

This one is pretty cute too.. with options of girly pink or masculine blue.

dinosaur meal time plate for toddlers

Maybe they’ve had enough of Paw Patrol, and would rather have more dinosaurs in their life?
If so, KidsFunwares has you covered with this awesome T-rex sectional plate!

horse toddler feeding set

This friendly horse feeding set is not only adorable, it is also made of biodegradable and durable bamboo fiber.
This makes it an eco-friendly alternative to plastic sets, but more importantly than this, IT IS ADORABLE!

This feeding set is also made from eco-friendly bamboo fiber, and has awesome woodland animal friends to keep your toddler company during meal time 🙂

super hero dinnerware board game

Similar to the one listed at the top, this feeding set also turns meal-time into a game.
But this one may be even better because it adds super heroes to the mix! Kids love superheroes for some reason..
You can add that extra incentive, if you want to be strong like a super hero, you gotta eat your veggies and win this board game!!

Turning meal time into a construction operation, this feeding set is great for little boys (especially if dad is a construction worker). Your toddler can construct their way to better nutrition and strong eating habits with this 😉

It is ever little girl’s dream to become an enchanting mermaid under the sea, especially after they watch The Little Mermaid. This most likely will never happen… but they can at least enjoy meal time with this Mermaid dinnerware!

safari animals feeding setFeeding set with fun safari animal friends, and a spoon that says “ROAR” 🙂