11 Fun & Quirky Nursery Shelf Ideas

You can either find an ordinary, boring shelf to use in your baby’s nursery or you could use one of these!

Interesting shelf with off set alignment and some ladders so you can have little figurines climb up and down!
Come to think of it, this would be perfect for the oddball who wants to make a Donkey Kong nursery!

Shelf with fine wood in the shape of tree branches, great for a woodland theme nursery.

Crescent moon shelf, not much space for holding items but great piece for decor!

A magical nursery needs a magical Unicorn shaped shelf!

This dinosaur shaped shelf is just plain awesome. It is only a matter of time before boys get interested in dinosaur kingdom.

Very colorful, handmade airplane shaped shelf.

This interesting off-centered shelving oddly adds a sense of fun!

This trippy warped shelf is something you might see in Alice in Wonderland!

Mountain shaped shelf!

This shelf creates the illusion of floating when looked at from the front!

Very quirky and fun shelf shaped like arrows!