Lion King Baby Stuff & Nursery Ideas

You can never go wrong choosing Lion King as the theme for your baby nursery. The journeys of Simba, and his friends Timon and Pumbaa, lessons learned and pearls of life wisdom… the meaning of life and death, good vs evil, renewal and growth and of course, Hakuna Matata ( means no worries.)

Anyways, here is a bunch of awesome Disney Lion King baby stuff and nursery additions!

These Lion King blocks available at!

Working on that rawr like Simba!

Here is a useful Lion King themed baby pacifier clip so your baby doesn’t spit it out like a Llama and lose it!

Very cool Lion King growth chart wall decal available at


This milestone blanket is completely awesome, depicting monkey elder Rafiki holding up your baby just like Simba in every photoshoot! Available at

This is a very cool block set for some stylish Lion King Nursery decor art with the classic motto, “Hakuna Matata, it means no worries!” You can find this at

Here are some very cool Etsy artists that will create custom Lion King themed wooden letters that you can use to decorate your baby’s nursery room!

Hakuna Onesie, but instead of no worries.. it means I’m hungry!

Lion King Baby Mobile

You can find many Lion King baby mobiles out therebut this one is my favorite. A hand-made baby mobile using holofiber hypoallergenic filler, all your Lion King friends fluffed up and sold at


Of course you among your Lion King baby stuff collection you will need some quality Lion King onesies and baby bibs!
Click on an image to view at

The Lion King Wall Decal illustration, Disney, Hakuna Matata, Set for Nursery, Baby Room, Mural. via
All your favorite Lion King characters to greet you when you enter the nursery room.

Lion King baby blanket featuring playful Simba. Lambs & Ivy Disney Baby The Lion King Picture Perfect Sherpa Baby Blanket, Luxury minky front with soft sherpa back. Get it at!

This is a baby greeting card with the starting Lion King theme music, with the “Naaaaaa Sowenyaaaaaa Mamabeatsee Babaaaa!” If you need to ring a memory bell here it is on Youtube and you can get the new baby greeting cards at!


This awesome Lion King Inspired Milestone Personalized Blanket created by Etsy shop PollyPocketsquare


Wall mural with Simba, “I’m gonna be a mighty King, so enemies beware!”
with the added stuff giraffe and donkey to complete the circle of life.

This person went Lion King crazy, with themed stuffed animals, blankets, laundry basket, etc.
The wall mural really takes the theme away, into a wonderful Lion King style world within a room.

Wall art depicting Rafiki’s drawing of Simba.

Hakuna Matata! This wall mural depicts Simba’s odyssey of self discovery with Timon & Pumba.

Amazing custom wall mural depicting Rafiki holding Simba with his parents.

The circular Lion King wall art pictures, bed set, mobile and wall quote, 
“Hakuna Matata! What a wonderful phrase…” 

Another style baby blanket depicting Simba and Nala at play.

Simba chasing butterflies on the wall 🙂

This entire room is pretty much the perfect Lion King baby theme.

Simba and Nala baby crib side covers.

Another Simba and Nala baby blanket, but in a girly pink theme 🙂

The colors of the sunset of this Lion King is very pretty and unique.

The Simba and Nala baby blanket, accompanied by adorable Pumba and Timon stuffed animals.

The beautiful Lion King animal kingdom nursery wall mural.

Beautiful Wall Mural with Rafiki monkey holding Simba in front of the animal kingdom.
Even Pumba and Timon attended the ceremony standing in back!!

Lion King nursery set

Lovely Lion King baby blanket, with Lioness Nala.
You can see the Lion baby mobile, and I especially like that lamp!