17 Photos You Should See Before Deciding to Have Kids (…are you sure?)

So you want to start a family with a little bundle of joy or two? Before you make up your mind, we gathered some photos of the harsh reality you should see first before you decide.

Baby puke will become a normal part of your life.

Going to shopping stores with a toddler can be… difficult.

No seriously. Shopping will be difficult

She decided to save her cheese for later, on the wall.

At first, buying Crayons seemed like a good idea.
You know, for ‘artistic development’.

For comparison, the decibel reading of a car horn is around 95.

Forgot to lock the baby gate…

Wife Cutting Daughters Skirt Out Of A Scooter Axle On Mothers Day

Kids can be expensive, in many unexpected ways.

Mommy I am cooking you eggs!

Motherf#$%g 3-year olds..

What happens when you accidentally leave the Nesquick out..

Look Ma! I’m Darth Maul.

Going to the bathroom… every single time.

When you take a toddler to a public event.

Toddlers do not know how to use lipstick very well…

He was trying to clean the dirty book…