18 Things to Bring For An Awesome Beach Trip With Your Baby

Taking your little one to the beach sounds scary at first. Should I do it? Will my baby be safe? Maybe I should wait a couple years before taking my baby to the beach… Disregard all these negative thoughts and go have an amazing beach adventure with your baby! Just remember to be safe and do your homework, get the gear you need & start soaking up that beach sun!

A Protective & Cute Beach Hat

Baby sunscreen is an obvious requirement when spending a lot of time out in the sun. An overlooked item is a beach hat. Sunscreen will only do so much for your baby’s sensitive skin, a hat like this one will ensure upmost UVA protection. It also makes the beach adventure more awesome. Because obviously from all the cuteness to witness your baby wearing one of these!

The Beachmate System: Multi-purpose Beach Bag

Bringing a small child to the beach requires a lot of… stuff. Toys, snacks, baby supplies and more. This bag is made specifically for the family beach trip, with all the features you’d want out of a beach bag! Check it out

Toddler Baby Sunglasses with Straps

Not only will your baby look super cool wearing sunglasses, but they are important to have to protect your baby’s eyes from the bright UVA sunlight.

A Baby Tent For Shade With a Built-in Baby Pool

Along with some cool baby sunshades, a sun hat and of course sunblock made for babies, a tent like this one will offer a sunny oasis along with a fun pool spot for baby to play in the water with their toys!

A more contained shady spot for smaller babies…

travel dome

The On-the-Go Travel Dome is a good choice for smaller babies rather than a tent. It provides a safe spot with built-in toys and plenty of shade.

The Summer Pop ‘n Sit Foldable Booster Chair

When your baby gets hungry from all the beach fun, this portable chair will come in handy. It folds up easily and is compact enough to take along with you on the beach.

A Baby Pool Float Boat

No doubt your baby will get jealous from all the fun the adults are having in the water. A pool float is an awesome way to get your baby in on that sweet water action. There are all kinds of pool floats but the Kemuse Inflatable Ring Boat is a particularly awesome pick.

All Terrain Utility Beach Wagon Cart

This beach wagon makes transport super easy on the beach. It also makes a wonderful ride-on for your kids while you stroll down the beach!

Beach Water Shoes For Babies

Sand can be harsh on the skin, especially for babies. Be sure to bring some quality baby beach shoes!

Baby Powder!

Speaking of beach sand, using baby powder is a wonderful trick to get sand off your baby. Instead of roughly brushing off the sand, which can irritate baby’s skin, when you apply baby powder the sand just falls right off like magic!

Large & Sturdy Mesh Beach Tote Bag

A mesh tote bag is a great choice for the beach, as it will help sift out sand from all those beach toys, towels and other items.

This Beachy Baby Onesie…

Of course you gotta’ sport your baby in some appropriate beach clothes!

…OR This Baby Beach Bum Onesie…

A Beach Bum isn’t a good career path, but you can let your baby live the lifestyle for now… but when they start walking, they start working.

Plenty of Disposable Swim Diapers

Don’t forget these!! If you do, you are guaranteed to NOT have an awesome beach adventure…..

Swimwear and Swim Diaper Wet Bag

A bag like this one helps you keep all your wet swimwear contained on the ride back home – or soiled items, such as bibs, wipes, diapers, or breast pads so you can keep them separated from clean items in your diaper bag.

Beach Toys Your Baby Toddler Will Love

The beach is awesome in and of itself. And no doubt your baby will be amazed and mesmerized by the ocean & sand, especially going for their first time! Be that as it may, as you know, baby’s are super A.D.D. and will need some toys to keep them occupied! Below are some of the best beach toys you can buy….

Melissa & Doug Seaside Sidekicks Sand-and-Water Sifting Funnel

This is an awesome toy that turns sand into a means of propulsion and mechanics. Your little one will love dropping and watching sand going through this cool sifting toy!

This Beach Wagon Toy Set

The beach wagon set comes with a bunch of cool tools to build sandcastles and other sculptures with the sand. Poor sand or water through the funnel to watch the water wheel spin. Also, having their own wagon makes handling all those toys easier!!

19-Piece Beach Sand Toys Set With Sand Water Wheel, Beach Molds, Beach Bucket, Shovel Tool Kit

This beach toy set comes with loads of molds to shape the sand into things like turtles, shells and starfish. Also various shovels to play with in the sand, along with a bucket and water sand wheel. Enough to keep little one occupied for sure!