19 Awesome Anime Themed Baby Stuff

Sailor Moon Anime Baby Mobille, with Luna cat, Chibiusa and of course,Bunny Tsukino  -_^

Nicely done handmade Pokemon mobile from Etsy seller IvoryTreeHouse

Onesie stating the obvious.

Cool Naruto nightlight you can use for the nursery!

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Cool Naruto onesie to go with your cool Naruto night light!

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Not sure if the included bib is a Goku pun ????

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Pass the Anime nerd torch.

A Totoro clock for your Totoro Themed Baby Nursery 🙂

Fangeplus(TM) DIY Removable Anime One Piece Art Mural Vinyl Waterproof Wall Stickers Living Room Decor Bedroom Decal Sticker 27.5”x19.6”
Geisha Anime Baby Booties
Totoro Onesie Kawaii My Neighbor Anime Grey Manga Troll Hayao Miyazaki Studio Ghibli

Future Pokemon MASTER Onesie 

Totoro Baby Nap Sleeping Bag Mat

Pokemon Pokeball Baby Carrier ^_^ And a Pikachu baby hat!

Themed Baby Clothing

Amazing hand-crafted Gohan Crochet baby Outfit available at Etsy.

Tokyo Ghoul Baby Onesie 🙂

I could have listed thousands of different anime themed baby stuff, it was hard to pick favorites, plus I don’t want to get sucked into an intense anime baby curating fest. This could have easily been the 190 Awesome Anime Themed baby stuff, but who has time like that? However, be on the look out for specific baby anime stuff with their own list, like Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z, Naruto, Full Metal Alchemist, Totoro, Bleach and More! My favorite anime Outlaw Star unfortunately is too fringe and doesnt have a lot of baby merchandise 🙁