22 Awesome Halloween Baby Costumes

I guarantee these babies out-did anything you ever wore for Halloween. It’s almost like you’ve entered the Twilight Zone. Are those babies or really short old people?!

I knew it! Babies want to take over the world, they just need technology to help them and their little immobile bodies to do the job.

On any other day of the year, this might look like child abuse..
But on Halloween, it’s awesome!

It’s hard making them dollas’ out there on the streets!
Keep hustling little one, keep hustlin’

Just a couple of T-Rex babies from Jurassic Park.

If you’re old enough to remember the Flintstones, check out baby Peebles!

Oompa Loompa doompadee doo
I’ve got a trick or a treat for you.

Uh oh, looks like he went for the cheese!

I mean, TACO bout’ an awesome Halloween costume, am I right??

I don’t care what you say, if I see this baby on October 31st I am running the other way.

The costume is even more awesome from the fact the mother is dressed up as a garbage worker!

What I find hilarious is these kids have no idea they are dressed up as the characters from Breaking Bad, and their candy is actually a prop for crystal meth!

Dressing up as CAT machinery for Halloween is an odd choice. But they get points for originality! Especially for that candy bucket wreaking ball!

I laughed uncontrollably at this for a solid 5 minutes. I think because he looks exactly like my uncle Jerry.

This one is great because at first you think it is a politically correct chicken costume. “Aww he looks so cute in his little chicken outfi-, wait. OMG WTF that is horrific!”

Cruella and a Dalmatian. That little one is certainly sticking to character!

Always love the parent and baby teamwork! Here you have Baby Rapunzel and Papa Tower.

You heard of Spiderman, right? Check out – Spider Baby.

Is it just me or does the one up front sorta’ look like Tom Cruise in Top Gun?

“I don’t get it, who is your baby suppose to be?”
*places baby on monopoly game*

Pregnant Zombie mother with zombie baby coming out of her belly.. this is the stuff nightmares are made of. Well done!

Okay, we can agree on two things here. This bum baby costume is very offensive to homeless people… but I’m sorry, it is also super funny!