5 Creative Baby-Safe Sensory Play Activity Ideas

Looking for some cool baby-safe sensory play activities? Here are some creative, fun and delicious sensory play activities for your baby to enjoy!

Some of these are DIY projects to entice learning, and my favorite is the one with the fruity cheerios. Cause first of all, I love fruity cheerios (and froot loops) but more importantly, you can then do a follow-up activity with the left over cereal on the ground! Intrigued? Read on..

Edible Play Dough Recipe for Babies

Remember playing with play dough as a kid? That first sight and touch had you mesmerized. What in God’s name is this substance?” you thought with your baby mind. Then you proceeded to play and squeeze it for hours. Some kids got really good at making artistic creations O.o

You can give the joy of play-dough experience to your baby without worrying about toxic chemicals and such. This non-toxic recipe is baby safe and edible. Not only that, it is gluten free.

Fruity Cheerios / Froot Loops Sensory Play

Stimulating, and delicious. Get instructions and 3 more fruity cheerios sensory play activity ideas for older kids here.
Suggestion: add real fruit! include sliced pineapple and apples for more sensory stimulation and nutrients!!

Crushed Cereal Rainbow!

Since you will no doubt have a large amount of leftover fruit loops or cheerios to clean up, but why not make that an activity itself!? This will blow your baby’s mind. Just gather up all the colors in groups, crush them up individually and pour them one by one to make DIY rainbow bottles! MessForLess.net originally used Fruity Pebbles 🙂

Feelings, Sounds & Experience of Velcro!

You can velcro almost anything. And seriously what is more satisfying than when you feel Velcro coming apart, kno’ what I mean? It’s amazing! — your baby will be transfixed. Find interesting ways you can use velcro for stimulating safe activity at Mama Pappa Bubba They have created tons of ways to use velcro it to engage your baby!

Magnetic Discovery Bottle

For older toddlers and young kids. Not only are these magnetic DIY bottles stimulating, but they are also thought provoking. Who isn’t entranced by the forces of electricity and magnets? Spur curiosity and wonder in your child everyday! Find out how to make one of these at Preschool Inspirations