7 Baby Products You Can Live Without

baby products

If you’re a new parent, you may be unsure of what essentials are needed to keep baby alive and well. So, you register for everything, hoping that you have enough materials to be a successful parent. Heed this advice: you don’t need everything! Many baby products are complete fluff, utterly useless. While some are nice to have as a perk, and will make your life easier or feel more luxurious (such as a baby bottle warmer), but they are by no means “essential”.

Here are some items that you can absolutely leave off the registry..

1. Baby Shoes

Barefoot is best until baby is learning to walk because it allows the baby’s foot to grow without any negative force on the muscles or ligaments. You know that whole collection of cute, stylish shoes you own that only match one outfit? Yes, those are completely unnecessary. Why? Your baby will outgrow them before they have a chance to wear them and then the only thing they  will bedeck is the closet. Furthermore, baby shoes are not known for their ability to stay on tiny baby feet. What’s the point of putting that adorable sandal on for the fourth time? There is none. So, skip the shoes and save your money for a pair of early walking shoes when they begin to take their first steps.

2. Wipes Warmer

We’re sure that the comforting warmth of a wipe during a diaper change is something that all of us would enjoy; however, your baby doesn’t need their bum coddled. Storing wipes in room temperature conditions should be enough to keep baby happy and clean. Plus, if you have a wipes warmer at home, your baby may not respond well to a less than tepid wipe while on-the-go.  Don’t cause more hassle and heartache, skip the wipes warmer and save space in your nursery for more important features.

3. Bedding Set

It is recommended that infants sleep in a crib with no loose materials, in order to prevent accidental suffocation. This includes blankets, comforters, pillows and crib bumpers. All you really need to safeguard a secure sleeping environment for your baby is a fitted crib sheet. If you’re concerned about baby being cold, swaddling or layering baby in a sleep sack is a safer way to ensure a comfortable night’s sleep without the worry of baby becoming wrapped up in the bedding.

4. Bottle Sterilizer

Bottle instructions usually tell you to sterilize bottles before first use, and then intermittently after that. This can easily be done with a pot and some boiling water. Since most bottles are dishwasher safe, running them through the sanitization or sterilization cycle should ensure that you are giving your baby a clean drinking surface. Since bottles only need to be sterilized every few months, resort to these other options and save your counter space.

5. Diaper Genie

Owning a Diaper Genie means that you will keep on purchasing the brand’s trash bags to line it. Smart move, Diaper Genie. Not only does this product take up a lot of space, it can often be cumbersome and super smelly, despite claims that it eliminates odors. Instead of investing in a Diaper Genie, or similar product, many parents choose to bring soiled diapers straight to the garbage cans outside, while wet diapers get mixed in the normal trash. It depends on your viewpoint, but to many parents this has become a useless item that actually is more work than necessary.

6. Baby Washcloths

Traditional wash cloths from your linen closet will suffice. No need to spend extra money on an item that won’t be used daily, unless you’re doubling their purpose. Burp clothes can also be effective washcloths for bath time, so don’t stock up, and stick with what you have.

7. Baby Bullet

When it comes time to begin feeding your baby solids, many parents opt to make their own purees and baby food. That’s where the Baby Bullet comes into play. Basically, it does the same work as the Magic Bullet, which does the same work as your good old fashioned blender or immersion blender. Considering that baby will only be eating solid foods for a few months before progressing into table food, the Baby Bullet is an item that you can absolutely leave on the shelf.