8 Hipster Toddler Clothing With That “Top Level Swag”

In need of some cool kid clothing to match your toddler’s swagger? Here are some of the best hipster baby clothes I could find!

King Toddler Shirt

King Crown shirt with camouflage pants 2-piece available at Light in the Box

Hipster Baby Clothes

Jacket & pants 3-piece long sleeve cool daily Street Style available via Light in the Box

Cool baby clothes

Oh boy toddler hoodie will swagged out pants 2-piece set available at Light in the Box

tattoo sleeves toddler baby shirt

Tattoo sleeves T-shirt available at Amazon.com

straight out of timeout

Straight out of timeout! Available at Amazon.com

mini boss camo baby clothes

“Mini Boss” Black & White camouflage 2-piece available at Amazon.com

leather jacket for baby

Cool kid leather motorcycle jacket available at Etsy.com

90s 80s toddler clothing

This is the most late 80s, early 90s outfit ever.. available at Light in the Box