9 Baby Photoshoots Gone Horribly Wrong

During your family photo shoots you should expect a hiccup or two. A crying, disobedient toddler… awkward faces… broken dreams. All these things will happen. To visually show you this I have gathered these photos which have beautifully captured the chaos that happens during those forced baby photo shoots. Try to keep your sense of humor when these things happen to you…

You can see how her laughter struck horror in this guys face, knowing his beautiful hair is ruined…


Sequence of facial expressions: Forced cute look, on to rude awakening look, on to the look of acceptance of his fate.


He has know idea what has happened yet… the older son & photographer plays this off well.


If you’re expecting your family photo shoot day to go any other way than this, you are deluding yourself.


Oh cruel fate.. Why?!


Those were new pants. He is not laughing, he is crying. (that dog looks worried about this)


“You can’t force me to act cute for your b.s. photo! Take this!” -Baby


If I didn’t know better, I’d think the baby did this on purpose.. I mean look at that smirk!


Wondering why this baby has the look of horror in this photo…