Activity Mat For Kids That Folds Into a Tent & Canoe

An investment in this “transforming” folding activity mat will surely not go wasted. Just looking at this thing I wish I was still a kid so I could play with it… (saying that as if I would not still play with it as an adult..) Anyways, so this concept is quite simple, yet brilliant. Your kid(s) can fold the mat up as a tent and play around in it. When they get bored, they can work on folding it up as a canoe so they can pretend to float through a pretend river (because, obviously, it will not work as a real canoe.)

The most boring phase of this activity mat is just well, an activity mat. Which is still useful of course – a flat padded surface they can use to play on the floor with all their other toys.

*ECR4Kids Tent Canoe and Tumbler Too Folding Play Mat*
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