Ava Fertility Tracker – Know Exactly When Your Personal Fertility Window is Open

Ava is the first and only FDA-cleared wearable device that is clinically proven to identify both the opening and closing of the fertile window, so you can know your 5 best days to try for a baby.

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Ava also has a nifty hand bracelet that will gives you status updates on your health and your body’s condition (which effects baby development.) You can wear the Ava bracelet for updates on your physiological stress, sleep patterns, and cardiovascular health, to help you feel your best during pregnancy.
Get to know your body on a deeper level Whether you want to predict periods, learn how your cycle impacts your moods, or stay on top of your sleep throughout the month, Ava keeps a record of you.

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We’ve put down various tips that will help you get pregnant and increase fertility.

Get the right timing of your menstrual cycle

The best way to increase your chances of getting pregnant is to have sex at the right time in your menstrual cycle. For regular cycles, ovulation takes place a week before the periods. To easily get pregnant, you should have sex seven days before ovulation. However, you can use follicular monitoring, cervical mucus change, and basal body temperature to realize when you are fertile for irregular cycles.

Get a healthy body weight

A woman’s body weight will generally impact the chances to conceive, while on a man, it will also impact his fertility. Researchers say that there are fewer chances for an overweight lady to get pregnant than one with a normal weight. Remember, a lot of fats lead to the production of more estrogen that will affect ovulation. More so, those underweight may also take a long time to conceive and give birth. Thus it would help if you strived to maintain your body weight at normal. In men, being overweight may affect the production of sperms; thus, it’s equally important for the man to watch their body weight.

Eat healthy diet

In any marriage, diet is very important for your reproductive needs. When trying to get pregnant, ensure you eat meals that have lower mercury levels. Because mercury accumulates in the body and after the baby’s development, remember mercury will impair both male and female fertility. In addition, you should eat mostly natural foods, including leafy vegetables and fruits. These foods will generally improve your fertility.

Deal with stress

Stress may affect an individual in different ways. In some people, too much stress can keep them off sex and even make some not fertile. This scenario will make it hard to conceive. Stress in women can lead to the production of prolactin, a hormone that inhibits ovulation. When ovulation is inhibited, then it’s impossible to conceive. In the male, it leads to lower libido. Thus it’s important to take time and think of the things that stress you. After that, look for appropriate ways to reduce or control your stress.

Get a medical check-up

Booking an appointment with the doctor is the last option you need to consider. You may opt to visit a Reproductive health specialist. You can talk to them about any general health issue, after which you can talk to him about fertility issues. The doctor may opt to screen you for various sexually transmitted infections and other potential problems. After the results of the tests are out, the doctor will guide you on the way forward for you to conceive and get your first baby.

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