20 Best Owl Themed Baby Stuff

On the hunt for some cute owl themed baby items? Good choice! Owls are an interesting type of bird.. they are out of the ordinary, nocturnal and just all around unique when you compare them to other birds (plus they are super adorable). Did you know the Owl is a symbol of higher wisdom in many cultures?

The ancient Greek goddess Athena for example, was not only known as the Goddess of war strategy, but also of wisdom and was the guardian of the Acropolis – and her symbol was also the wise Owl. There are so many cool things to talk about when it comes to Owls, but I will stop there and let you browse 20 of the best owl baby stuff found online…

Adorable Owl Pacifier w/ Universal Pacifier Clip

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This pacifier displays a quirky little Owl and also comes with a cool themed pacifier clip!



 Baby Leg Warmers w/ Owl Design

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It would be wise to keep your baby’s legs warm during the colder season, with these cute Owl leggings!



Crochet Baby Hats

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There are tons of awesome knitted Owl beanie hats offered by sellers on Etsy.com
Click on the image to explore them all.



2-in-1 Shopping Cart & High Chair Cover

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Shopping cart covers often are overlooked, but make your baby way more comfortable at the store.
This shopping cart cover can also be used for high chairs, and folds into a convenient pouch.



Owl Themed Baby Shoes

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Pictured here is a unique set of owl shoes for babies that I found on Etsy.com.
Just one of many you can find from talented Etsy designers. Click the image to explore.



“Owl You Need is Love” Baby Onesie

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Wise Owl words! ‘Owl’ you need is love!



Handmade Knitted Owl Baby Cocoon

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The cuteness here is indescribable…


Changing Pad Cover with Cute Owl Design

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Did’t think to decorate your changing pads did you? This would be perfect, aye?



Bubzi Co Stuffed Owl Sound Machine Sleep Aid

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One of my favorite items you can use to calm and soothe a fussy baby.
A wise baby product to own indeed.



Sensory Blanket w/ Owl Design

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Some of the better designs of sensory blankets can be found at Etsy.com, such as the cool one here.



Crochet Owl Baby Snuggie

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Very impressively designed Owl snuggie, with crochet feathers!



Owl Musical Baby Mobile

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You’ll need this for your Owl themed nursery, cute little Owls that spin gently above the crib while also playing musical sounds (Brahms lullaby)



Taggies Oodles Owl Soft Book

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Books created wise little Owls. Bond with your baby with story time and this book with 8 fun pages, a Velcro closure and a soft fabric applique of Oodles Owl on the cover.



Wall Art Owl Prints For Baby Nursery

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These adorable Owl prints will look great in your baby’s nursery!



Skip Hop Hug-and-Hide Tummytime Owl Playmat

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A very cool quilted mat in the shape of an owl that features fun textures and patterns, two developmental toys and a supportive tummy time pillow



Personalized Owl Monogram Outfit

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A unique owl onesie that can be personalized with your baby’s name.



Cute Owl Clock For Your Nursery

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This quirky little clock would make an excellent addition to your nursery!



Comfy Owl Themed Baby Blanket

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The design of this Owl baby blanket is so wonderful it makes me sick…



Explore and More Roll Around Rattle Owl Toy

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Very nice rattle toy designed like an Owl, with open wholes for grasping, and acts as both a rattle toy and teether.


Owl in a Heart Onesie

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What better way to display your love for owls than with this onesie displaying a cute owl inside of a heart shape?