Buyer’s Guide On the Best Baby Teethers

Written by Jennifer Keller

Has your sweet bundle of joy reached the teething stage? It’s a stage that symbolizes a baby getting older, a baby finally getting its teeth and a baby that tends to be a bit irritable. This can be a hectic stage for both the baby and the parents.

There’s an entire selection of products on the market that help a baby during this stage. To any parent they may be a but overwhelmed in terms of what they should buy or do for their teething baby should be assured that below is a complete guide on how to care for and what to buy for a baby that is beginning to teeth.

Before we jump in to the type of teethers you should look into for your baby, we first want to give you a bit of info about what is teething.

You probably know teething is when your baby gets its first set of teeth. But there’s more to the teething process than what many people know. Teething is in fact a process.

Teething occurs when the baby’s primary teeth sequentially push through the gums. This occurs between six and ten months. It takes years for the teeth eruption process to be completed in humans.

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There is a proper way to use baby teethers. Rubbing your baby’s gums with a clean finger can be soothing. Then use a cool teether or teething ring. If you use a teether, teething ring or cloth make sure it is cooled down. The cool temperature will soothe their gums. Applying pressure will also soothe their distressed gums.

Now since we’ve told you a bit about the teething process and how to actually use one, we’ll break down some of the top teethers on the market. We analyze these teethers. We are looking for teethers that offer safety and quality. We are looking at the price ranges of teethers and what they can offer the baby in terms of comfort for the price. We have also considered customer reviews of these top teethers.

The Notorious, Sophie the Giraffe

One of the top selling teethers of all time is Sophie La Giraffe. This cool looking teether looks identical to a giraffe. It is cute, charming and comfortable. This company has created a whole ine of products that relate to teething. They have a cooling teething ring which is a top rated teether. Their products are made from one hundred percent rubber. Another brand to look into for top rated teethers are LouLou Lollipop. This is a popular silicon teether plenty of parents have shown interest in.

Nuby and Dr. Browns are well known respected names in the baby and child niche. They offer teethers. They are affordable, made of good quality and will soothe the gums. Ruby even has a set of teethers. Buying a set is a really good idea. It is good to have more than just one teether.

Sophie the Giraffe
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So to assist them have a teether. Not all teethers are created the same. You don’t have to have the most expensive teether. You simply need a teether that will aid your child with comfort as they go through this life changing process.

When your baby is about to enter the teething stage there will be a few telltale signs. Irritability and fever are some of the most common signs. If you see a few white teeth cutting the gums, then your baby is definitely teething. This experience can be uncomfortable for babies.

Which Baby Teether is the Best Though?

It really comes down to Sophie the Giraffe vs. The Original Teething Egg vs. the Cool & similar Dino Egg Teether
Sophie the Giraffe turns 60: Behind the allure of the iconic squeaky toy

Sophie the Giraffe has been the #1 Best Selling baby teether for decades. But in recent years the up and coming “Teething Egg” and its close competitor counterpart “Dino Eggie” have given Sophie a run for its Giraffe money, with its innovative and simple design that just works good.

Dino Eggie Baby Teether Egg
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The teething egg and teething tubes are two common tools that have been coming across many of the mommy blogs, parenting articles and shelves of retailers. The teething egg is shaped just like its name suggests.

The egg shaped teether is an award winning teether made here in the USA. It is a fan favorite. This teether is designed for children between ages three months and one year.

It is very effective in helping the front teeth come in. If you’re interested in the teething egg it can be purchased from Amazon. It’s an affordable teether that comes in a variety of pretty colors like pink, blue and green.

Teething tubes are also a go-to essential for parents looking for teething accessories. Teething tubes are designed specially to apply pressure to irritated gums. They are very good for babies who are having red or tender gums due to teething. The design of the tube is flexible and hollow.

The Original Teething Egg
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The hollow design reaches beyond the gums. The design of the teething tube was intentionally created to bring relief to the entire mouth. If you decide to use one of these your baby’s gums and mouth will be relieved. Teething tubes can be ordered from many online websites.

You could snag one of these best-sellers but there are thousands of other teething options that in my opinion, are fine if not better!! It really depends on what your kid likes best, but most do enjoy Sophie or the Teething Egg options.

the options are endless!

There’s so many different types of teethers on the market. You have plenty to pick from. There are so many good ones just like there are also some that do not perform as well. Look for certain features in a teether before making your decision. Ask yourself about the quality, safety and comfort it will provide for your child’s hurting gums.

Overall, our summary on the best teething items to buy for a baby are those that are cooling, offer comfort and doesn’t break the bank. You may have to try a few different teethers to find the right one. But it will be well worth the trial in finding the right teether to help your baby during this painful time of growing up.

Hopefully this guide will stand as a trustworthy source for you while you are on the exiting and sometimes challenging baby teething journey. The best way to prepare for baby teething is to do your research and have all the tools you need to aid your baby during this time. Knowing what to buy is also so important. Keep in mind the teething egg and teething tubes. These can make a world of a difference when comforting your child during this time. Most of all remember that teething is neither fun for the baby or parent but it isn’t a stage that lasts forever.

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