Crochet Cuddle & Play Cow Baby Blanket

Doesn’t this Crochet Cuddle and Play Cow Baby Blanket fill your heart with overwhelming joy? It is almost too cute – so much I might explode from cuteness (HELP ME). The design was created by Aneta Izabela – a genius ahead of her time as far as I’m concerned.

Unfortunately you can not buy this crochet cow blanket in final form. The only thing available is the crochet pattern which you can purchase here.

It is times like these that I wish I knew how to crochet things… I blame my grandma. She knew full and well how to crochet, but chose not to teach me! Oh wait, actually she tried… but I was too stubborn to do anything but play with crayons.. doh! So I guess now I will have to learn on my own… for the sole purpose of making this adorable cow blanket.