Cute Bathrobes for Babies

Perhaps one of the most adorable things to behold is a baby in a bathrobe.
Why is it so cute? I dont know the answer really, but just look…

0.0 — Its like getting hit by a truck, of cuteness.

I know what you’re thinking…
“Oh my God. I have to dress my baby up in a bathrobe now.”

It is an understandable reaction.

Below are some really cute bathrobes I found for your baby 🙂

Comfy Pink Floral Baby Girl Bathrobe — This almost looks like it should be on a Grandma than a baby, which makes it all more adorable. Flower blossums of red, pink & white, with a super comfy feel to it. Probably smells like soup.

Hudson Baby Soft Plush Blue Plaid Bath Robe — Like the pink flowery robe, this one equally has a design that you think an old person would wear, namely grandpa. It is like a soft, plaid type robe with a soft puffy fabric.

Adorable Blue Whales Design Baby Boy Bathrobe — Listen, if you don’t think this whale design baby bathrobe is amazingly cool, then I want you to leave this website. Clearly our tastes in adorable baby clothing do not match.

Elephant Baby Bathrobe – There are actually tons of animal bathrobes for your baby to wear, but I find the Elephant one to be the most cute.. If you like Elephants too, check out some more elephant baby stuff.

Baby Aspen Little Prince Hooded Spa Robe — Instill that gravitas of royalty early, treat your baby like a future king, and trot them around in this awesome Little Prince robe.

Baby Aspen Little Princess Hooded Spa Robe —  Here is the girl version, not to leave out your Princess!

Personalized Fox Baby Bathrobe-Plush Hooded Infant Robe-Name Embroidered — Elephants are obviously the best, the one pictured above… But this whimsy fox one is cute too 🙂 Plus, you can get your baby’s name embroidered on the front there.

Light Blue Starry Design Baby Spa Robe — Hand designed baby robe by Etsy seller LittleLassies with a super adorable star design in a light blue fluffy material.

Penguin Hooded Baby Bath Robe — Alright, forget the Elephant and the Fox this baby bath robe designed to look like a cute penguin is clearly the best 🙂 Like the fox, you can personalize it with an embroidered name or initial, in your choice of thread color and font options.