Deep Space Baby Activity Chair

outer space baby chair

Looking super comfortable in this Deep Space cushy chair. Nurture your future Neil deGrasse Tyson with its embedded planetary wonder, and be sure to pair it with an awesome outer space mobile!

deep space activity chair

Thinking too much about the vastness and utter chaos that is outer space is enough to give me a panic attack while thinking about it laying in bed. Nonetheless, it is the most interesting and fun thing to think about!

Your baby might not yet be able to comprehend just how interesting life and space is just yet, you can give them a head start with this cool activity chair!

space and planets baby stuff

The chair’s removable tray has plenty to keep curious cadets active and stimulated, from a mirror and rattle to squeakers. A cotton seat makes for comfy voyages through the imaginary cosmos, while the stellar, space-themed designs by Michelle Romolearn more at Crate&kids