Find the Most Popular Names as We Enter the Roaring 20s

New decade, new names. 

Check these amazing names out! As we head into the first of the year, we will have a fresh “batch” of equally amazing little ones. It’s officially about to be the Roaring 20s- so you’ll want to pick a name as epic as the generation. There’s a little something for everyone; with unique names like “Zahava” and “Gennadi” to classic revivals “Genevieve” and “Sam”. For a seamless update, try out a unisex name “Wyn” or, a new debut, “Zooey” to re-envision your timeless favorites. Regardless, this new decade is coming out swinging with new name goals and new naming trends. It kind of rocks! 

If you’re perusing beyond the popular, Babble also has an amazing layout where you can search names by origin or theme as well as the traditional alphabetical list, so be sure to demo names from these.

How amazing is “Lian” for a little girl, Chinese meaning “graceful willow”? Or for a boy “Anders” of Scandinavian origin meaning “manly/brave”? Again, within your own comfort level and a degree of cultural sensitivity, feel free to update and breathe new life into traditional names by using them for middle names or by paring with a “newer” or more popular first or middle name.  

Fun themes include Star/Planet themed (an elegant and powerful choice “Amalthea” for instance) or try your favorite Virtue (“Liberty”, “Love”- a very sweet middle name, “Meritt”, or “True”). Your inspiration is your only limit when naming your little one, and the joy you have in doing so will certainly come through! So if you have a baby arriving in the first few months of the next decade (eek, can we really say that?!), hit the digi-verse and stimulate your imagination.