Fresh Mart Grocery Store Pretend Shopping Toy Stand

The Melissa & Doug Freestanding Wooden Fresh Mart Grocery Store is an awesomely made pretend-play toy stand that will complete your child’s hopes and dreams of finally shopping at a grocery store like the adults (pretty big deal for a little kid).

pretend grocery store stand

The set comes with a super realistic card-swiping machine and a working scanner that will actually make a beeping sound when the “cashier” slides items over it.

Let your toddler begin their journey of self-discovery into the world of “adult errands” and the joys of working an entry-level job (lol). For whatever reason, at their very young age, they find it fun. Of course, they will soon realize its not all its cracked up to be, when they get a little older. But in the mean time, they will have a blast playing “adult” with this realistic grocery store shopping stand!