How to Throw an Awesome Baby Shower + 22 Baby Shower Games

Celebrating the birth of your miraculous baby! May Lady Fortuna bless you & your baby with good fortune and many presents…

A baby shower is a party designed for the celebration of the newborn or the expected newborn as well as giving gifts. A baby shower is also meant for celebrating and welcoming a woman to motherhood.

A baby shower is an event practiced in different cultures in different names. Generally, the word shower is taken to mean showering the expectant woman with gifts.

Usually, the gifts are given to boost the mother-to-be with items to help her start bringing up the baby. The gifts include diapers, baby clothes, among others. This article will provide various information about baby showers.

The history & traditions of the Baby Shower.
When and how did it start?

A baby shower is an ancient event that was practiced in different parts of the world in different styles. Ancient baby showers have been traced in India, Egypt, Greece, North America, Europe, among other places.

Initially, baby showers were only held for the firstborns only and it was a female event only. However, this has changed over time and now baby showers can be held for different audiences including mixed genders.

Despite the changes, the main reason for throwing a baby shower remains giving gifts to the parents as well as the newborn.

Baby Shower Blessings
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Modern baby showers began back in the 1940s and 50s in North America after the war. With the rise of modern technology, baby showers have developed with the technology to date baby showers. Now baby showers events include gift-giving, games, advice, among others.

In fact, in the modern baby showers, some are meant purposely for the fathers. This type of baby shower is referred to as wetting the baby’s head in the United Kingdom. However, wetting the baby’s head is also traced traditionally, when fathers used to take drinks and get drunk together with their friends as a way of celebrating the newborn.

Why do we do baby showers?

A baby shower is a very important event for both the parents-to-be and the loved ones, not forgetting the newborn. There are so many reasons why a baby shower is done, and some depends on where you live. For instance, in the US, a baby shower is a custom and quite mandatory. This is done to bring your family and friends to celebrate your bump. The following are some of the reasons why a baby shower is done.

1. It’s for the people you love.

A baby shower is the only event that brings all your loved ones including your family and friends together under one roof. Having your family and friends under one roof is one of the best things ever. Pregnant women have trouble moving up and down to visit their beloved ones. Therefore, it is important to have a baby shower for the beloved ones to visit instead.

2. To seek advice.

Another reason for having a baby shower is to seek advice. Being a mother for the first time can be challenging. During a baby shower, mothers give advice cards to the mother-to-be. These cards consist of different pieces of advice on how to prepare for the coming baby as well as how to take care of the baby. The mother-to-be will read through the cards after the baby shower.

3. To celebrate the mother-to-be.

Surely, the mother-to-be deserves the celebration. Carrying the baby for those months is not a joke, she has fought so many battles and now she is almost there, or she already made it. Surely, she deserves some fun, celebration, pampering, gifts, among others. A baby shower is a great way to make her feel amazing and appreciated.

4. To receive gifts.

So many of your beloved ones are willing to welcome the baby to this world. A baby shower is the best chance to give to your family and friends, to give their gifts and wishes.

5. Photos and memories.

Having and keeping memories is a great thing. However, during pregnancy, time for the best photoshoot is very rare. But during the baby shower, you will be in a nice dress and happy. This is the best time to take photos.

Plan Your Baby Registry!

A baby registry is a list of things that you would like to buy and keep for the baby, in the preparation of welcoming the baby. A baby registry is not a one-day thing, it requires time and preparation, and usually, before the baby shower. The development of a baby registry involves a number of steps. They include: when, where, and what.

– When to register for your baby?

This depends on you. However, a baby registry can be done starting from the third month, or the fifth month after knowing the baby’s gender.

– What to register for your baby?

This can be challenging especially for first-time mothers, therefore, the earlier the better. This involves listing all the items you wish to stock for your coming baby. Do your research, browse this website 😉 and figure out everything you will need / want.

– Where to register for your baby?

This will depend on your preference. There are different stores where you can register for your baby. Most notably Amazon, BabyList, Wal Mart & Buy Buy Baby.

The role of a baby shower in new parents.

A baby shower plays an important role in new parents. The new parents-to-be receive pieces of advice from the experienced parents on how to prepare for the coming baby. This is of much importance to the new parents.

Also, a baby shower plays the role of helping the new parents in the preparation of the baby. During a baby shower, the new parents will receive gifts that will boost them on their preparations as well as on the baby registry.

Organizing a Baby Shower

Organizing for a successful baby shower starts by being held from the get-go. Also, you require giving yourself adequate time to have everything come as planned. You want to grab a notepad and begin making your checklist to stay in track with targeted plans. However, the following is a comprehensive guide to walk you through a successful baby shower planning.

Don’t Forget!
Perhaps the most important piece of the Baby Shower puzzle – finding / creating the perfect Baby Shower Cake

How to Plan a Baby Shower Like a Boss

1. Decide who will host your shower.

Traditionally, there is a brief that a close friend should host it. However, such a party can be held by a coworker or family member provided somebody is close to parents. Also, remember that extra hands to aid with organizing can come handy; consider hosting as a group.

2. Choose the time and date.

Once you have selected the main people to host your shower, consult the guest of honor to choose time and date for her party. Besides, many baby showers can be organized when the expectant mother is around seven months pregnant. At that duration, she is healthy into her pregnancy, and probably still alluring comfortable. This period will also offer her precise time to plan gifts after the shower party, and decide what she still requires buying before the little angel arrives.

3. Determine the budget and the guest

After the mother-to-be gives you the entire guest list, ensure it comprises their addresses and emails, then plan your budget. To will provide you with the best idea of choosing the venue and nourishment services; for instance, if you planned for $500 and 10 individuals, you can perhaps splurge a bit on the food and venue.

4. Select the venue

When choosing a shower venue, you always require considering the number of your guest, time of year, and the budge you already made. However, hosting it in your living room or your backyard is intimate, meaning you don’t require paying the charge for reserving the space. Besides, if you got an extensive guest list or a bigger budget, consider a nearby restaurant or hotel, the setup clean up, and catering will manage with their staff. Therefore the host will sit and enjoy the event. Also, if you are hosting your baby shower during fall or winter, parks can be the preferred option, all you require is to inquire your local parks departments, if you may need a permit. Otherwise, make sure you have a backup idea if it may rain.

5. Send invitations

Your targeted guest should get their invitations, around six weeks before the shower. It is because you require offering them adequate duration to RSVP, and still giving yourself ample time to add the forgotten guest in the list. Remember to assure that you are utilizing the appropriate formats and titles, when preparing invitations for mailing. However, if you intend to host a casual shower, choosing an email invitation will be perfectly okay; on the other hand, if it is a formal baby shower, you can go with the paper invite, depending on your budget.

6. Plan the décor and menu

In essence, when arranging for baby shower, you need to nail down these particulars like three weeks to the baby shower. Buy decorations that are not perishable (for example, you may pause until the day before purchasing the flowers) and buy or make a place card. However, conclude the menu to the lattice with the guest of honor’s taste.

Suppose the expected mother is craving ease food try, mini fried chicken, mini cupcakes, mini sliders, and smaller plates of potato tacos. The expectant moms, who are into Mexican cuisine, may probably like salsa, tacos, and guacamole and nonalcoholic margaritas. Contemplate serving minuscule portions, to have it simple for all guests to manage the nourishment and take part in the shower.

7. Come up with a schedule.

The next step is arranging the baby shower timeline. Most of the showers embrace games, gift inaugural, eating, and imbibing. The important is to plan these activities to make a fun flow, which will keep the guest engaged and entertained.

Offer the guest like 15 to 20 minutes to arrive and give drinks to people as they enter the event. After everyone gets set, begin the activity. You may choose to fix up bodysuit -layout station, for example, or maybe have your guest add thoughts and photos to a scrapbook aimed at the guest of honor. Serve the food while the gifts are being opened, followed by coffee and dessert.

8. Pick infant shower favors.

A parting gift is a humble way to thank the guest for attending the event, and it does need to be profligate. The first approach is sticking to your theme, for example, offer iTunes gift cards for the melodic theme and provide take-bags of homemade or candy chocolates for spice -and -sugar theme. Also, considering the tips of planning a baby shower favor, you still require thinking about the guest. Other mothers may want alluring photo frames, while paperweights and pencil cups are considered when your event packed with coworkers. Candles, bubble bath, or scented soaps are still among the crowd-pleasers.


As a result, consider the above checklist planning to be on the right track when you wish to have a commendable baby shower.

When a person is throwing a baby shower for their friend or family member they need to think outside of the box. Baby showers have gotten creative and they embrace many different themes. The themes can be anything from gender-related to the current trend that is popular. These are some cool baby shower trends.

Fun & Unique Baby Shower Theme Ideas

Little Star

Most people know the nursery rhyme Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Stars make a great theme for a baby shower. A person can get stars that are colorful or they can make it more classy and stick to gold stars. Moons and stars in the colors white, navy, and gold can take this nursery rhyme and turn it into something that adults will love.

Bumble Bees

These yellow and black bugs are now decorations for a baby shower. The bee decorations including flowers, fake hives, and honey will look great. There are removable bee stickers that can be placed around. Flowers add a nice touch. There are even decorative items that can be used to resemble a honeycomb. Honey also goes well in many dishes.


These plants are one of the most popular trends in baby shower décor. The plants have their natural green, light blue, and even purple colors. People like these plants because they are gender-neutral. Live plants work the best and they can be put into some cool little containers. This will bring in the theme of the baby shower. In addition to the live plants, they can also be made out of paper or yarn.


This is a theme for a baby shower that also uses plants. Some popular colors to use include pinks, greens, and creams. Live plants are also a nice part of the decorations. Woven or braided baskets are also popular and they should be placed around the room. Flower crowns can be used as decorations or the expecting mother can wear on. Organic fabrics make great tablecloths. This look is fresh and uses ivy and ferns as part of the decorations. If people are eco-friendly this is a great theme for them. There are many products including tableware that are recyclable and can be used in this manner. This is also a great theme if the baby shower is going to be held outdoors.


This is a great theme for spring or summer baby showers. There is nothing like sitting outside and grilling some hamburgers or hot dogs. Mason jars make great decorations. Red and white are also the traditional colors for this even. There can even be cookies or other pastries made to look like mini catsup or mustard bottles. This theme is fun yet casual at the same time.

High Tea

This British themed baby shower will allow an afternoon of elegance. Tea can be served along with delicate pastries. If a person is looking to host lunch finger sandwiches are also a good choice. Pastel colors are popular along with some floral accents. Purple is a great color for this theme and it is gender-neutral. This will make the baby shower look upscale.

Baby Yoda

For Star Wars fans this is the perfect theme. Baby Yoda is still cute and since he is a baby this will fit in well with this theme. This is one of the most popular themes this year and people are loving it.

There are Yoda themed invitations and even Baby Yoda Cakes. Green

is a popular color that can be used in the decorations and it is also gender-neutral.


This is a great baby shower theme is the mother is expecting to have a little boy. Mustaches are funny and many people will get a good laugh out of this theme. Blue is a good choice for this baby shower. There are now many items that can be used. Mustaches now come in the shape of balloons and just about anything else that a person can want for their baby shower. This theme will make everyone in attendance laugh.

Game of Thrones

This popular show is toned down just a little for a baby shower. If a person is a big fan of this show this can be a great option for their baby shower. The theme is whimsical and the fantasy elements can be used to make this playful. There are some cure dragons and other mystical creatures that can be used in this theme. A cake can even top off this event with the Game of Thrones theme.


The sea and everything related to the ocean is now used to bring some fun to a baby shower. Sailboats and anchors are popular themes for decorations and they can be found in many craft stores. Whales are cute and they can be used to add to this theme. While the main color is blue the theme can be used for a boy of a girl. Whites and grays are also popular color choices. Seashells can be used to make this a cool baby shower.

Cowboy or Cowgirl

If the parents like westerns or they enjoy certain outdoor activities such as riding horses this is a great theme. Hay can be placed around to give the room a western feel. There are plenty of decorations that feature western hats and boots. There are even soundtracks that can be used to set the mood.

These are some popular and interesting trends for a baby shower. These trends allow people to come together and enjoy the day and celebrate the upcoming birth of a baby. These trends will help set the mood and allow everyone to have a good time.

A baby shower usually lasts 2-3 hours. When guests arrive, you should offer food and drinks to them as they mingle. About 30-45 minutes into the shower, after everyone has had a chance to eat, it’s game time. Usually, 3-5 games are played. This should last another 30-45 minutes. However, it should be fun and full of laughs, so nobody even realizes how much time has passed. After all of the games have been played and prizes given, it’s time for the new mommy to open her gifts. Then, serve the cake and end the party.

If you are hosting a baby shower for your friend or family member, the last thing you want are lame baby shower games.

Here are some suggestions for fun games:

Diaper Raffle

Newborn babies pee and poop enough to use at least 70 diapers per week. It’s crazy, but true. This game is a blessing for the parents. Put a note inside the invitations when you send them out letting the guests know that you will be raffling off a prize at the shower. For each pack of diapers they bring to the shower, they will receive a raffle ticket. The more diapers they bring, the more raffle tickets they get. Diapers will pile in and the parents will love it. Make the prize exciting for the guests.

Baby Shower Onesies

Buy enough onesies of random sizes so that each guest can have one. Stretch each onesie across a piece of cardboard and pass out to each guest. Have fabric paint and paint brushes so that each guest can be creative. The parents will have a whole wardrobe of designer masterpieces for their little one or at least some keepsakes.

Name That Tune

Prepare by making a playlist of songs that has the word “baby” in them. Give each player some paper and a pen. Play about 10 seconds of each song and see who can name the most songs and artists.

Baby Animal Match

Make a list of adult animals and another list of the name of their young. See who can match the most animals on the list. Ex: horse-foal, cow-calf.

The Price Is Right

Buy some baby items and make price tags for each item. Have each guest try to guess the correct price for each item. Whoever gets the most correct prices wins.

Play-Doh Baby

Buy a small can of Play-Doh for each guest. Have them create a baby. The guest of honor will pick his favorite sculpture.

Guess How Many

Fill a baby bottle with individually wrapped candy for each guest to decide how many is in the jar. The built in prize is the candy for the person that comes closest to the correct amount.

Dress The Baby

Get a baby doll, clothes, diaper and socks. Have the guests pair up. Standing side by side, each person can only use one hand. Have them dress the baby together. You will see how well they work as a team.

Tinkle In The Potty

Get two guests at a time, have each guest blow up a balloon and put underneath their shirt. Then, put a ping-pong ball between their knees. Put an empty jar across the room. Each guest has to waddle across the room and drop the ball into the jar. The point of the game is to feel like the pregnant lady getting up in the middle of the night going to the bathroom. Whichever team gets the most balls in the jar wins.

Diaper The Baby Blindfolded

Have the guests to diaper a baby doll blindfolded. To add fun, swap the doll for a balloon. Add a cloth to use for the diaper and have safety pins to close the diaper. You will get to hear some babies getting poked with pins as the balloons pop.

Don’t Say Baby

At the beginning of the shower, introduce the game and let the guests know that nobody can say the word “baby”. See how many people get caught saying it. After 30 minutes, announce that they can now say “baby”, but can’t say Mom’s name.

Baby Item Scramble

Make a list of baby related items and scramble the letters. The first person to unscramble all of the words is the winner.

Bottle Chug Game

Fill baby bottles with liquid, split guests into teams, see who can drink the liquid from the bottle fastest, they’re the winner.

Baby Food Taste Test

Buy a variety of 5 jars of baby food. Put the food into solid jars so nobody can see it. Label each jar with numbered labels. Have guests taste each one and guess what type baby food it is.

Emoji Pictionary

Draw emoji riddles on 25 index cards. Place the cards upside down in the middle of the table. Each team has a player to pick a card for the team to guess. Whichever team guesses the most emoji riddles wins.

Nursery Rhyme Quiz

Have a copy of Mother Goose on hand. Split into two teams and ask questions like, “What did the kittens lose”? Or, “What did Old Mother Hubbard get from the cupboard”? Team with the most correct answers wins.

Who Am I?

Write famous peoples names on sticky notes. As guests arrive, place one of the sticky notes on their back. They are allowed to ask each guest three questions about who they are. The first person to guess correctly wins.

Toilet Paper Twist

Pass around a roll of toilet paper. Each guest takes as many sheets as they like. Don’t tell them what it’s for. When you get the roll back, tell the guests that they have to write something about themselves on each sheet of toilet paper to share with the group.

How Big Is Mom?

Pass around yarn and scissors. Allow each guest to cut a piece of yarn that they believe will fit appropriately around Mom. The winner is the person with the piece of yarn closest to the tummy’s actual circumference.

Baby Bingo

Give each guest a sheet of paper with a bingo card drawn on it. They should write the name of a gift they believe that Mom will get during the shower in each square. As she opens gifts, they mark the square. If they get a horizontal or vertical line of squares marked off, they call bingo!

Baby Photo Guess Game

Have each guest bring a baby photo of themselves. Pin them all on a board and have each guest to guess who each picture is. Whoever guesses the most correctly wins.

Celebrity Baby’s Name Game

Make a list of celebrity names in one column and the name of their baby in another column. See which guest can match the most correctly.

Motivational Diaper Messages

Put a few packs of diapers in a basket. Allow the guests to write sweet, silly or motivational sayings onto them. Mom can read them to the baby on sleepless nights. Announce that writing is only to be done on the outside of the diaper.

These games should give Mommy some pretty good memories of her baby shower.