8 Insane Baby Products That Actually Exist

During my time researching the best baby products I have discovered that at least a portion of the world has lost their minds – that being a conservative estimate. Don’t think so? Just check out these ridiculous baby products below that not only exist, but have people spending their hard earned money on!

Zaky Infant Hand Pillow

Pretty sure this will do more harm than good when your baby wakes up to disembodied hands..
Mommy? …Mommy?! *cries* ..*traumatized for life*


The Peepee Teepee

I mean, come on! Ever heard of a washcloth? What is even more hilarious than the actual product, is the disappointed customers who actually bought it and realized their mistake pretty much immediately (I had lots of fun reading through the negative reviews, teehee).

Remember.. forethought weighs ounces, regret weighs tons.


The iPotty

Either I am getting too old and am not hip to new tech trends, or this is insane (and everyone who buys it)


The Baby Hanger

This might actually come in handy but, LOL.

Personally, I wouldn’t want to be seen in public treating my baby like a piece of luggage or a jacket to be hanged on the wall.. I could be just being judgy’ right now… but my gut tells me this is wrong. I just don’t know anymore.


Infant Stimulation Shirt

Quote “The MOMIWEAR designer collection facilitates early brain and vision development through the proven research of high contrast images. Mom herself becomes a flash card for eye-tracking exercises, giving the smallest of babies an early advantage toward development.” End-quote


Perfume for Babies

Cause, you know.. babies smell bad.


Diaper Alarm with Smartphone App

Forget about your unreliable sense of smell! Instead, use this diaper alarm so you can be ahead of the game and monitor your baby’s diaper status utilizing its convenient mobile app.


The Dad Saddle

Because your husband isn’t enough of a tool… make him your child’s personal horseback!
Your toddler can take him out in the yard, and force him to eat grass like a real horse 🙂 That’ll teach him not to leave the toilet seat up again…


There are actually many more products I could have listed, but I will save that for a future “crazy baby products” post – because my tummy hurts a little too much right now from the hysterical laughter I have been going through creating this post.. hope you enjoyed, and haven’t lost your faith in humanity yet.