Jungle Themed Baby Stuff

A popular nursery theme choice among parents is the jungle. Nothing quite like the cute safari animals and green forestry to get your baby’s life started! Especially if you’re a Guns n’ Roses fan – welcome to the jungle!

Below are some cool & trendy jungle safari stuff for your nursery decor and for baby play 🙂


Personalized Safari Jungle Animals Canvas Growth Chart



Lion King Toddler Shirt, “Baaaaasowenyaaaa mamabeatsebabah!”

You will, of course, need a plenty helping of Lion King Stuff for your Safari Jungle Baby 🙂
If you are confused, that is the sound a vocalist makes in the Lion King theme song.


Jungle Safari Canvas Art

Canvas Jungle Wall Art

Jungle Canvas Wall Art – To supplement your wall decals, or to try something unique and different from most jungle nurseries, Canvas wall art would be a cool choice! This particular canvas set includes an elephant, a giraffe and of course, the monkey!

Playful Jungle Animals Wall Decal


More Jungle Wall Decals

If you’re going for the jungle nursery, you are going to of course include some wall decals with safari animals and such. These alone will enhance the wild jungle feeling of the room..


Jungle Monkeys Wall DecalCherryCreek Jungle Monkeys Decal


Safari Animals Wall DecalRoomMates Jungle Adventure Decal


Jungle Theme Bedding

Not forgetting to decorate your walls with cute safari and zoo animals, you mustn’t forget the bedding gear! But of course, that was probably first thing on your mind, aye? Below are some amazing blankets and bed gear with jungle and zoo themes.

Lion King Go Wild

It is common knowledge that the Lion King Disney movie is required viewing when they reach of proper viewing age. Until then you can still immerse them in the amazing Lion King movie with the Lion King Go Wild Baby Crib Bedding, displaying young Simba and Nala chasing butterflies.


Purple ZooGarden Safari Baby Crib Bedding by Lambs & Ivy — a purple jungle theme might be best for a girl, However, did you know purple is known as the color of royalty? I see nothing wrong with immersing your baby prince in a purple safari jungle theme – your choice.

4 piece set jungle set

Summer Infant 4 Piece Jungle Collection Crib Set — Monkey, Lion, Giraffe, Zebra! The essential safari creatures. All of which are included in this cute 4-piece crib set.

Jungle Theme Baby Lamp

Jungle Lamp This lamp is all sorts of adorable. With a frog chillin’ on top of an elephants head, and a little monkey swinging from the light switch, this is a perfect addition to any jungle themed nursery set-up.

Jungle Window Valance

Window Valance

I don’t know if you happened to notice, but this window valance matches the baby lamp with the same adorable frog chillin’ on top of the elephant’s head!! In other words, they complement each other to the max.


Jungle Safari Clock

Safari Clock

Do you see it? It is the frog on the elephant head again! This cute clock with all your favorite safari animals in cartoon form would be another great addition to your nursery.


Jungle Switch Plate Cover

Electrical Socket CoverThis baby lion will assist you with your electrical switch needs. Hiding in the bushes ready to pounce.


Jungle Baby Mobile

Rainforest Mobile

What would a baby nursery be without a Jungle Themed Baby Mobile? The Fisher-Price Rainforest Musical Mobile is a good choice, coming with a bunch of fancy add-on’s to keep your baby entertained.

Jungle Baby Bathing Stuff

Jungle Waterfall

You can always find some baby jungle stuff that make even bath time a jungle safari experience. This neat little product is an interactive waterfall in for the tub – by pouring the water into the elephant funnel, the monkey makes eyes at you! — Jungle Waterfall