Keep Your Baby Warm With a Baby Pouch Hoodie

As winter draws near, no doubt you are worrying about keeping your baby warm during the cold weather. Keep baby warm and cozy inside a hoodie with a kangaroo-like pouch!

You can find many variants of a hoodie jacket with a baby pouch on Amazon and other stores – in terms of style and function – but the Monochef Fleece Zip Up Baby Wearing Carrier Hoodie Sweatshirt Jacket had the most positive reviews

Those Kangaroos really have it figured out! Keeping your baby close to your natural body heat inside a protective layer makes perfect sense. Unfortunately we have evolved without a pouch.. so something like this will have to do!

The hoodie is made out of comfy polar fleece with two removable inserts; 1 maternity and 1 when you want to carry your baby with you.

This jacket is made to be worn over front baby slings and baby carriers.