Mom’s One Line a Day, Five-Year Memory Book Review

As the sands of time pass, you will eventually be asking yourself with teary eyes, “where did the time go? How did my baby grow up so fast??” This feeling is inevitable. 

You may not see now but you are going to wish you had more memories stored! You could snap a billion pictures a day with your smartphone, although I’m sure you’re doing this already.

But if you haven’t heard of the Mom’s One Line a Day: A Five-Year Memory Book, you are missing on on some primo memory collection!

The concept is simple but entirely awesome.

Each day you record a thought or moment in the journal. And it contains slots so you can do this for freaking five years.

A Crude Example.

This may sound like it will become another daily chore like changing the diaper, but once you are in full reminiscence mode a year or two in – you will thank yourself for doing it!

Since our memories will fade away just like the career of Britney Spears, your inner mom will regret not recording those little moments!

When little one does something cute one day, like blow a snot bubble that catches flight, record it on day 267 so you can look back over and giggle over the silly memories.

Record important milestones, funny moments, mildly horrific moments (it’ll happen) and look back years later on your incredible journey in memory snippets.