New Type of Baby Monitors Offer “Peace of Mind” But May End Up Doing the Opposite


The new baby gear on the market designed to monitor your baby have become so sophisticated and innovative that you can now monitor all your baby’s vital signs through your smart phone.

These new products were created to help offer peace of mind and better monitor your baby for any health issues.

Some say these products are for the overly-cautious and all they do is breed more paranoia and fear.

And an overly worried parent may stress the baby out if she catches on to your vibe.

Washington Post journalist

Excerpt from article: His concern? During the night, the parents had received an alarm on their phones that the baby’s heart rate and blood-oxygen level were low. The alarm had been triggered by the baby’s high-tech sock, one of a new class of devices that continuously measure babies’ vital signs, but the ER doctor wasn’t sure how to interpret this information. There is no ­peer-reviewed research on the accuracy of these devices, and they have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. “Without having testing for this device, it’s really hard to make sense of the alarm,” Rodriguez said.

“People think, ‘Oh, all you’re doing is getting more data — more data on your child. How could that be bad?’ ” Coon said. But “hospitalization carries a whole host of potential harms to children,” including the risk of hospital-acquired infections and side effects of medical procedures, he said, along with stress and anxiety for the family and the cost of the hospital care. [..[ Read More

Even the American Academy of Pediatrics says, “Do not use home cardiorespiratory monitors as a strategy to reduce the risk of SIDS.” in their guidelines on SIDS prevention

These high tech baby monitors are becoming a hot topic in the baby world. Are they really worth it??