Parenting Hacks Via Quantum Physics- Because It’s All Relative Right?

We live in weird times. And it’s probably only going to get weirder. But the good news is, and most parents can see this in a second, our kids are weird too! Fortunately, we have the wacky world of quantum physics booming to navigate the weirdness. And we’re here to translate some of quantum physic’s coolest findings into parenting hacks.

Before we get started though, let’s look into what the quantum world is- and then look into the minds of our toddlers as both a refresher into the science and a comparison that’s worth taking the time to make!

The quantum universe theory basically attempts to explain what in the world is the world (and beyond)- basically, it attempts to answer the question: what is everything?

As parents, we have an edge on answering this question because for many of us, the easiest (and surprisingly scientific) answer is that our children are everything!

Back to the quantum model- in describing this “everythingness”, it deals with the tiniest of particles to the point of indistinguishability, but has practical applications in everything from developing LED lighting to describing the GDP of developed countries.

Now biologists are in on the quantum thing too- this pioneered by neuroscientists who were quick to notice the ability of the quantum models to describe what happens within our brains.

So, how are the tiniest of tiny sub atomic particles that can’t even be distinguished from other sub atomic particles (aka: dark matter) relevant to parenting?

Simply because if most of what we’re dealing with in this universe is that dark matter, then we can navigate a lot better with the knowledge of how it (and how we, as separate beings but also part of it) works!

1. The Mirror Method

In quantum physics, a quantum reflection is a physical phenomenon involving the reflection of that which is tangible – a “matter wave” – from that which is still in energy form – “attractive potential.”

What’s cool about this is that there is a mirrored relationship between what is as we experience it “real” and what could be.

If we take this to levels of the brain, this is part of what people describe when they describe the law of attraction. Or, more simply, it is why visualization is such a highly effective approach to achieving a goal.

So for parenting, we have the ability to focus very keenly on our children’s “attractive potentials” and we now know that those potentials will be a direct reflection of what surrounds them.

Surround them with the things that inspire their dreams, ignite their creativity, guide them into accessing their skills. And do your best to eliminate the things that you don’t want reflected back.

This may mean cleaning your house literally and mentally/emotionally. It may seem simple, but if you spend most of your days in stress, that is very likely going to be reflected back to you by your children.

Fortunately, this works on the positive side too. When you actively turn your thoughts and emotions into things that are more uplifting, inspiring, and enjoyable to you- this will be reflected back.

Now, remember, the quantum world doesn’t have space/time as we experience them in the physical world. So in our lives, there will be what we experience as a time buffer in between a change you make and a result that’s obtained.

Scientists, mental health experts, motivational speakers, and motivated individuals are all coming together to close the time gap for these positive changes to occur- wouldn’t it be amazing to experience the results of a shift to a happier or less stressed you/your child immediately? Soon it will be.

For now, it’s important to decide on your changes and stick with them until the time buffer catches up. Children are incredibly quick though, so don’t be surprised (and prepare to be delighted) if your children catch on to your lifestyle updates even quicker than you!

Some items to help inspire you and your budding creative:

Ages 2+
Visible Root Veggie Planters– teaching growth (and tasty reward) over time

Ages 4+
Color Coded Chord Guitar– because nothing inspires like music, and practice is good!

Ages 6+
A Journal for Self Discovery– you’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and your child will be mindful

Ages 8+
Ultra Sparkly Spa Science Set– we think yes.

2. Get Messy.

Quantum physics- and even very classical physics/mechanics- are quite literally rooted in disorder. Sound like your life? It just might be!

The “disorder” is just a word for what would appear to us as empty space- something like air, or the dark part of the night sky- in quantum theory, that space is not empty. It’s just not ordered into something that’s taken a recognizable form.

That theory when applied as a metaphor to a growing child’s brain is majorly insightful! There’s a lot of form that the brain can take, and it’s up to parents to fill a child’s life with opportunities, experiences, etc. to take the disorder and “inform” it.

We call this process learning (and this hardly starts or stops with school/formal education!).

One exercise that is amazing for little ones of all ages is to provide some materials (appropriate to your living situation!) and allow them to create the space in their room- to fill the walls, decorate the shelves, arrange the closet- how they envision it.

If an entire room is off limits, consider making a tee-pee (this DIY is lovely even for the least craft-y among us) with a white sheet that can be decorated and filled to your child’s desire!

Another way to play with the order/chaos is to let your child dress themselves from the time they’re a toddler. This mom chronicles some awesome benefits to the idea including: a strong sense of independence, high levels of confidence, maintaining self esteem, and a sense of liberation for parents as well.

Let the messy and disorganized fall a bit into place, and watch the creative magic happen knowing that there will always be more disorder in the world than order and really being at peace with that!

3. Multiple Timelines

When raising a child, you have to be present while using your knowledge from the past to help shape the future. That’s as quantum as it gets!

This gets easier the more children you have (and the quantum theory of time supports this: “we find time flows symmetrically forward and back with no distinction between past and future”; this is probably the best description out there).

So, when working with the multiple timelines of the quantum field being reflected to you as your children’s lives, how do you juggle it all since you’re still in a physical time/space reality?

First, go easy on yourself and know that everything that needs to get done always does. With that affirmation, do take the time to get minimally organized on your most manageable tasks.

Usually these are the most mundane- I make a commitment to start the day by making our beds and cooking/cleaning our breakfast. Some days this takes longer than others but by having those two very simple things in order, I feel prepared for the rest of the day.

When my setting is in order, so can the rest be! Whatever your organizational style is, honor it- maybe you start your day with one item on your to do list so that way you know for sure you got one thing done.

Or maybe you find support for your kids so you can start your morning in meditation, taking a hike, or at the gym to clear your head. Again, the more mundane the better!

Then you can take on more as the day progresses. The idea is to start wherever it is you may be starting from with a commitment you know you can accomplish.

From there, use whatever momentum you’ve started/energy you’ve generated from your easy yet satisfying accomplishment to take on a project- either personal or with the child(ren).

This is the part where you’re starting to connect your past, present, and future, and the biggest key here is to keep your energy and clarity positive and strong. When you find yourself unable to concentrate or too exhausted, take a break (and a nap as soon as you can), otherwise carry on while your energy feels good.

When you feel a dip in that “blast” of creative or motivated energy, enjoy a snack and conversation or time spent outside taking a walk with your little one(s).

When you’re primed with just these couple of starters, you’ll be able to quickly recognize patterns coming up throughout your day and start getting the hang of learning from the past (e.g. that morning coffee may actually be slowing you down by the time your child/children is/are napping when you have the most time to yourself, so you may experiment with having a cup mid day instead or ditching it altogether) in order to shape your future.

With even just the smallest bit of organization, it’s amazing how free your mind becomes to daydream a little about what could be. Leave it to the quantum world to unite those daydreams with your new routines- you don’t have to juggle everything once you realize the quantum universe is on your side!

At the beginning of this article we posed a yet unexplained question/answer: when we look into this universe through our eyes as parents and ask “what is everything?” we can almost too easily say “our children.” If we contemplate the vast dark matter nothingness as these conjoined subatomic particles that represent potential, then our children are a powerful creation that pulls from that ether to order and join countless amounts of potential and puts them into a form that we call human life. Kind of cool when we think of it that way!