Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer

For all you parents who are sleep deprived and exhausted (all of you), the Itzbeen Pocket Nanny Baby Care Timer helps you keep on top of everything. With all the new stress, anxiety and lack of sleep that comes with raising a baby, why would you rely on your memory when you can use this thing?

You may be the most organized, well-functioning person on the planet. But we could all use a helping hand! This baby care timer helps you keep track of all the minute details that you may need to look out for unusual happenings (wait a sec’, its been awhile since my baby poo’d… constipation?) or in case your doctor asks for some info (how often is your baby wetting diapers? Uh, I don’t know cause I didn’t buy the Pocket Nanny!)

This nursery tool keeps remind you of things and keeps track of things like sleeping habits, diaper change times & eating routines so exhausted parents don’t have to rely on their memories. The Pocket Nanny has 4 timers that count up with a touch of a button, including a miscellaneous timer for medications, and a host of other helpful features.

This comes in handy particularly if you have a baby sitter or care provider watching the baby (or..the husband?) and want to make sure they know when and what to do.

With its cool design and soft glow night light feature, this makes an excellent addition for the baby nursery.