Puj Tub – Soft, Foldable Baby Bathtub

Looking for a baby bath tub to use to clean up your baby as easily as possible? So many different types, which one is best? There are baby bathtubs that you use inside your bathroom’s bath tub. However, the purchase of one of these also means a purchase of knee pads and a heating pad, if you are wanting to kneel over the side of the tub every time you clean your baby!

Sorry, I have a personal bias for cleaning baby in sink, properly and with special equipment. Namely, this portable in-sink bath tub that the creators like to call, the Puj Tub.

This Puj Tub works especially great as an infant bath tub. The tub is rather small in size compared to others. The tub is made of a soft, flexible material, that you actually fold into place in your sink.

Key Awesome Points

  • The Puj Tub is easy to clean, just use simple soap and water. Because the material is made from a closed-cell foam, it doesn’t absorb water – making the tub mold and mildew resistant!
  • Made from a soft foam that folds and conforms to almost any sink, the Puj Tub cradles and protects the baby during bath time.
  • The Puj Tub is very soft and plush. It hangs flat when not in use and uses magnets to hold its shape when bathing baby.
  • The Puj Tub allows parents to wash baby with both hands, at sink level, without having to lean or squat to wash your baby if you bathed baby using bathroom bathtub.

The Puj Tub will fit into most standard sinks, however you should double check your sinks measurements before buying to be sure. The ideal sink size is about 15 x 12 and at least 6.5 inches deep. If you are not sure if this baby tub will fit your sink measurements? Just ask the friendly Puj Support Team

Watch the Video!