SNOO Smart Sleeper Bassinet Helps Baby Sleep Better

The SNOO Smart Sleeper is a stylish, modern-looking bassinet for your baby, but it is much more than just that. It is as close to a robot nanny that we have come thus far to help ease your baby to sleep.

A review by FatherCraft declares this is the bassinet Apple would create, if they created baby products.

The Snoo basically does all the hard work for you to ease your baby to sleep, so you can rest yourself or watch the ol’ television. You might be thinking, why would I let a robot rob me of these critical bonding moments?!

And you would not be alone. Many parents who use this product even say in their reviews they feel a little bit of guilt delegating ‘the parents work’ to technology to take care of their baby.

SNOO sack
Displaying the SNOO Sack’s wings with safety clips that keep your baby sleeping on their back

But I would argue this only be true if you delegate that parenting work all the time. Or, in some weird future reality we may be living in, actually have a full-on nanny robot raising your kids… picking them up from school and taking them to go get ice cream. That would be enough to warrant some guilt I think.

But in the case of the Snoo, you shouldn’t feel guilty considering – as we all know – how difficult dealing with a grumpy tired baby can be. And most millennial mothers are working moms who have a job to deal with in the morning. If you can afford this expensive smart sleeper, it could help give you those precious few hours of shut eye your body most definitely needs to function properly the next day.

If both you and baby can get a proper nights rest, you’ll both be better off if you ask me! You’ll be revitalized to take on another day of parenthood, without feeling completely exhausted. Keyword ‘completely’ because no matter what, the journey of raising a kid is tiring!

So what all does the Snoo Smart Sleeper do?

The bassinet is designed to soothe babies with a constant rumble sound and gentle rocking to imitate the familiar environment inside the womb. The bassinet will automatically respond to cries and fussing, by creating stronger white noise & motion until it finds the best level to calm your baby.

It is also designed to keep your baby on their back at all times, which is believed to help prevent SIDS and is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics.It does this with the “SNOO Sack” that attaches to safety clips and secures baby upright.

The Snoo can be used in conjunction with your mobile app to control settings – with gentle preemie/newborn setting and weaning option to transition baby to crib. The app tracks your baby’s progress with a sleep log and alerts parents if baby needs your attention.


What do customer reviews reveal about the Snoo?

Obviously the price is a big consideration. You’ll have to drop a lot of doh’ to get the Snoo! But if you can afford it, it will afford you some relaxation by giving little one a comfortable and safe-feeling environment. The majority of reviews have nothing but positives to say about the Snoo, citing it has helped amazingly with a longer duration and better quality of sleep (for both baby AND parents).

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