SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper Review

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The SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper is one of the best co-sleeper cradles available. But not as good as the SNOO Smart Sleeper – but if you’re not willing to spend ungodly amounts of money on a “smart” bassinet (which is probably over-doing it), this one is your best bet.

That doesn’t mean this product doesn’t receive its fair share of negative reviews. But every product will have an unhappy customer for one reason or another. Overall though, this product averages out roughly 4 out of 5 stars among various ratings online.

The By Your Bed Sleeper was designed to make co-sleeping and room-sharing during the first few months easier, and with more options than regular bassinets to soothe your baby.

The frame is height-adjustable to match the your beds height, and the design allows you to pull tight to the bed so baby can lay right at momma and papa’s level. The 2-position adjustable incline elevates baby’s head for better sleep so you can help your baby transition from inclined to flat sleep by gradually setting the incline lower.

Apart from the adjustable comfortless of your baby’s laying position, it also comes with a bunch of cool features to help soothe your baby. This includes side-to-side rocking, soothing vibration, sleepy sounds and lullabies. 

Here’s a run down of all the features…

  • Sleep with baby right by your side with the safe alternative to bed sharing


  • 2-position adjustable incline (10 degrees and 30 degrees) safely elevates baby’s head for easier breathing, better digestion and more comfortable sleep


  • Side-to-side rocking allows parents to soothe baby without getting out of bed


  • Soothing unit includes 2-speed vibration, lullabies and nature sounds, and soft-glow nightlight


  • Adjusts to bed height to bring baby to eye level; Legs slide under the bed, so baby can sleep right by your side while still occupying a safe space

Age Range:

Recommended for babies 0-3 months or until baby begins to push up or roll over.

It’s not the easiest co-sleeper for access as you have to stand up right if you want to remove and handle baby. Although this does prevent parents from unwillingly rolling over onto baby in the middle of the night.

The clear view mesh however offers better peace of mind. If you have an opaque bassinet, you must look over and into the cradle to see what your baby is up to.

This co-sleeper cradle comes with a removable sheet for easy washing.  The fabric of the liner is easy to wipe clean, however some don’t like the plastic leathery type material because it tends to make a lot of sound when baby moves around.

Another great thing about the SwaddleMe By Your Bed Sleeper is lightweight and portable – it collapsible for easy moving and storage. Overall this is a great co sleeper bedding option to choose from.

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