The Best Activity Mats & Play Gyms on the Planet

Activity mats and baby gyms are great for infants and young babies. Soon once little one starts crawling and walking you’ll want a nice play yard for them to play in. But for now here are some great ideas for you to consider for your baby’s play area!

Convertible Turtle Play Mat Gym – This is our favorite play mat / play gym! First of all, turtles are cool. Secondly, this thing will last from baby to toddler with all sorts of play fun to make sure your little one never tires of it! I mean, it converts into a friggin’ ball pit.. love it.



Fisher-Price Kick and Play Piano Gym – This is our second choice for the best activity gym if you happen to not like turtles. If you want your baby to experience the joy of making music, this is the gym for you! Among other nick-knacks and activity toys, your baby can create sounds as they kick the piano section with their feet! When they are able to sit up, they can start playing with their hands as well.


Baby Care Play Mat, Letters & Numbers – Here is a cool, simple play mat that will introduce your little one to numbers and letters. They may not understand what they are looking at, but perhaps the mat will subconsciously implant the alphabet and numbers, which will surface consciously once they hit kindergarten! Maybe not, but this mat is still cute.



Matney Foam Mat of Interlocking Number Puzzle Pieces – This color numbered play mat introduces creativity, in that you can connect the mat parts in any which way you feel. Turning the mat into toddler play house, or you can watch as your baby grows playing around with numbers trying to figure out how to get them in order 🙂 If by chance your baby does end up doing this, he/she a mathematical prodigy – get them a math tutor!!



Edushape Solid Colors Play Mat – If you think numbers are little much too soon for your baby, they can still have a stimulating experience with this colorful connectable play mat! This one has a border to connect as well, making it that more interesting for baby? Oh my googoogaga, what is this? Curiosity fosters imagination.


puzzle mat with animals

Puzzle Play Mat with Farm Animals, Safari Animals, Sea life, Dinosaur Patterns  – If the previous mat is too plain and dull for you, here is another colorful connectable play mat with animals and dinosaurs!! The animal shapes pop out on their own for extra fun 🙂




Hape Baby Play Mat for Floor –  Here is another great mat that encourages learning. Parents love this one because it easily rolls up, and has a cool nature imagery on one side, and an intricate & stimulating educational numbered side that is colorful and interesting to babies!