Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer – The Most Recommended Brand by Pediatricians

With so many electronic thermometers on the market, it can be very hard to narrow down your choice of which to buy. When it comes to choosing the best thermometers for your baby, pick the one that is most recommended by pediatricians – which is the Braun Thermoscan Ear Thermometer.

Based on July 2017 Ardent Consulting Survey. Braun is the most recommended brand by pediatricians.

Used by more pediatricians’ offices than any other thermometer brand, the ThermoScan features a pre-warmed tip that improves accuracy, a unique guidance system that ensures precise results, and infrared technology that takes your child’s temperature in seconds.

The pre-warmed tip of this particular thermometer is what sets it apart from most other thermometers, which helps improve accuracy. Brands using a cool-tip may result in an inaccurate lower temperature. A warmer tip is also more comfortable for baby – win-win!

As with anything in life though, you may run into technology hiccups. For this reason, if you can afford to do so, buying multiple thermometers of different types is always a good idea. Taking multiple readings from different sources is akin to using the scientific method in order to get the best & most accurate reading you can.