Kiinde Twist – Best Natural Bottle For Easy Feeding

best bottle feeder

For anyone looking to simplify the process of baby feeding, this product is for you! With the Kiinde Twist you feed your baby directly from ‘Twist Pouches’ – which are sold separately – thereby eliminating the need to transfer milk from bags to bottles.

One of the easiest pumping and feeding systems out there, so you can easily feed your baby and worry about all the other stuff you need to worry about on your plate.

Fewer parts to wash, no milk transfers and prevents air in your baby’s meal.

**Key Awesome Features of the Kiinde Twist**

Their active latch nipple means is the only part you need to clean, unlike the frustrating multi part maze you’re used to with most bottles. No threads, lock rings or complicated venting parts.

The natural slow flow and medium flow Active Latch nipple are designed to encourage natural latching, and helps train baby to transition between bottle and breast.

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