The OlaBaby “Olasprout” Training Spoon

Olababy Olasprout
The OlaSprout is a flexible training spoon for babies, made with 100% toxin-free, food-grade silicone and a leaf-like design. Among the thousands of toddler spoons available, this one is super unique with its nature-like appearance.

leaf like toddler spoon
The Olababy “Olasprout” spoon is an award-winning training spoon product that also doubles as a teether. Soft, flexible and safe for babies to use for when they are ready to practice learning to spoon feed themselves, and the tip will protect babies from gum bruise.

toddler using olasprout spoon

The design inspiration comes from natural plant elements, resembling the shape of a sprout while the tip of the spoon resembles the shape of a leaf that is actually a great design for scooping, cutting and slicing.