Tiny Mementos: Tips to Photograph Baby and Toddler

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For all the amazing photographs that exist of babies and toddlers, parents and family/friends know that there exist countless not-so-amazing ones. Children are notoriously hard to photograph, especially the ever-moving and constantly-emoting babies and toddlers. From Baby Gaga we get 5 tips to get the most amazing of your little ones! 

1. Get Them Used to the Gear 

Babies and toddlers are so curious! As much as you are able, show them (prior to taking any photos) what the camera is, explain how it works, etc. 

2. Shoot at Their Level 

This is a major key to capturing those big-eyed looks of delight. Make sure you get photos from their level and they will be way more likely to engage with you and the camera! 

3. Embrace the Candid 

This takes a bit of planning- you will want to make sure the environment is “photographable”- but especially for big movers like toddlers, they will be happiest and most natural while doing what they love! So photograph them in action as they play, read, count, explore, splash in the water, etc. in their favorite places. 

4. Use Simple Backgrounds 

By using simple backgrounds (like monochrome towels or blankets), you can achieve extremely high quality shots and experiment with portraiture. Babies especially benefit from this- as simple backgrounds don’t overstimulate them. 

5. Get Them Talking 

Ask questions! Verbal engagement brings smiles, laughs, and all sorts of funny expressions that you can capture on camera. 

No matter what, taking photos is fun and memorable! These tips will help you and your littlest focus and get tons of keepers as you go on your photography journey. 

… also laugh off the photography goofs!

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