Tooth Fairy Superhero Pillow Makes Dental Upkeep Awesome

How do you get your kids excited about dental hygiene? Tooth Fairy Superhero!

Cavities.. tooth decay.. bad breath. In an age where dental problems can be dealt with easy and peasy with modern prevention methods, it is surprising that dental problems are still so high.

Unfortunately this has to do with eating too many sugary (and delicious) food items, while being too busy to remember to brush teeth and rinse out our mouths. Ever been in that situation where you’re all snug & settled in your bed, then you remember you forgot to brush your teeth… ahh I’ll just do it tomorrow.

With kids it is a struggle just to get them to brush their teeth when told, without throwing a super tantrum.

Teaming up with the the tooth fairy, this super hero will get your kid super pumped to keep up with brushing. Kids love super heroes. The last thing they want to do is disappoint a freaking super hero.

Tickle & Main’s Tooth Fairy Superhero Pillow  makes the process of losing baby teeth and keeping up with hygiene cute, adorable and super hero’ish.

This set includes everything you need for your child’s SUPER tooth fairy experience. The tooth fairy superhero is made of high quality soft felt and has a hidden pocket  under his cape to keep your kids tooth and money secure, because obviously bed monsters might steal their hard earned tooth fairy monies.

Make the teething experience fun and engage your child with a diagram to document which tooth was lost and how it was lost and a sheet for your child to write a note to the tooth fairy (included with purchase).