Transcend the Madness with Mindful Meditations for Mamas

Fortunately the past few years, self-care has come to the forefront of our attention, and has been especially promoted for mamas! If it isn’t already, meditation needs a spot in your self-care time.

-> Babygaga reports benefits such as emotional regulation, being able to stay present, feeling truly loving toward yourself and your family by increasing compassion, improving sleep, decreasing depression, strengthening resilience, focusing better, and defeating anxiety.

With profound benefits such as these, meditation has earned its place in your routine, whether daily or weekly. 

Meditation and yoga practice by lake at sunset or sunrise.

There are many ways to practice depending on your time/space, desire, and energy levels. You can very simply go outside and take ten deep breaths, inhaling gratitude and exhaling all that does not serve you (you’d be amazed how good you feel upon going back inside, and if you face the sun with eyes closed the light and warmth and Vitamin D boost bring the oxygenation to blissful levels FAST).

You can use an app like Calm, or find a YouTube video that has guided meditations that last anywhere from five minutes to overnight.

You can use your shower time to double as meditation by spending an extra five minutes closing your eyes, breathing evenly, and picturing the water washing away all your thoughts.

You can also find yoga classes almost everywhere- look for classes that contain the words “calm”, “deep breathing”, or “relaxation” to achieve your desired state of mellow. And most studios/teachers have donation based offerings in all skill levels, so always look for your options there if classes are calling your name. 

You go mama! The old saying, “When mama’s happy, everyone’s happy,” is true. It works for calm and mindful too!