Travel With Your Baby Like a Boss With a Multipurpose Diaper Bag

Traveling around with a baby is hard enough, in and of itself. But lugging around a diaper bag while finding a spot to change your baby’s diaper in an unknown location can drive one bonkers. And if you’re also lugging around a bassinet or travel crib, that is just a lot of stuff (on top of the toys and other do-dads).

Give yourself a break and use one of these interchangeable diaper bags so you can travel with your baby like a boss.

Imagine the looks of all the other parent’s faces (full of envy) when they see you transform your diaper bag into a changing station on the spot. Oh, baby feeling tired now after changey’? BAM, it is now a comfortable bassinet for your baby to sleep in.

First they will be shocked. Next they will be filled with amazement… then they will be straight peanut butter & jealous when they realize what their life is missing.

But you’re not here to show off, right? You just want to make life easier on yourself. Or at least not harder than it should be.

Below are some of the best multipurpose diaper bags to choose from.

Scuddles 3-1 Multipurpose Diaper Bag

This one is my favorite. The storage capacity is great, roomy with all the right pockets 😉 The best one being the insulated pocket to keep your bottle warm longer (in conjunction with a travel bottle warmer and you are unstoppable). You can also keep your own drink cold longer, cause if you have a travel bottle warmer with you, baby good.

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The only issue I have is that the color is more of a dark green rather than the grey it seems to look like in the picture. If you are not adverse to the color green though, this bag is awesome! The winning touch is the extra machine washable mattress pad (which can fit onto any stroller). This comes in handy when things get messy when you’re out and about.

Warming Wings Smart Nest Multipurpose Diaper Bag

The Scuddles is my preferred choice but you may like this one better. The only thing that bothers me is that it’s more bulky. But where I see more bulky you may see more space & options. I’m a minimalist at heart so I like things compact and to skip the “extras” I will probably not even need or use.

It has a insulated pocket too… and it kinda looks cooler than the Scuddles bag…. but for some reason I want you to like the Scuddles! Oh, oh, the Scuddles is a little bit cheaper though!

Koalaty 3-in-1 Universal Baby Travel Bag

This multipurpose diaperbag is one of the best and highly rated by customers. But for me, the best thing about this bag is the name… Koalaty 🙂 If that isn’t a perk I don’t know what is. Yeah Karen, got this dope 3-in-1 travel bag and it is super high koalaty. I think I’m koalified to make that judgement, Karen. Karen? KAREN, where are you going I was only kidding!

But seriously, this is a quality bag and among the best choices you can make if you’re going for a multipurpose diaper bag that can be used as a changing table and a bassinet. The color isn’t really my style.. and despite all its good qualities, er koalities’… I am a Scuddles diaper bag gal for life.