Unique Wicker Storage Basket Ideas For Your Nursery

Woven Elephant Basket by Lulu and Georgia

Elephants are always a great choice use in a baby nursery!

A great addition if you are going for an Ocean themed baby nursery!

This Kangaroo wicker storage basket just makes a lot of sense. I mean, where else would you store your baby stuff other than in the Kangaroo pouch?!

Rocket Ship Wicker Basket

This Rocket Shaped Wicker Storage by PotteryBarnKids.com is a great choice if you’re trying to raise a little astronaut or future Elon Musk.

This Giraffe Shaped Wicker Basket by WestElm makes a perfect addition to a safari or jungle themed nursery!

Very cool handmade animal wicker baskets created by vsespletu

Hand woven doggy wicker storage by G6Collection!

This quirky Owl is probably the best hand woven wicker baskets to be found at G6Collection.
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