Up & Coming Parenting Trends: 2020 Version! (Self-care Habits Ftw)

Sometimes distance gives us the best insight. Literally! We love this pre-roundup of 2020 parenting trends from the South China Morning Post

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So here’s what we learned: the number 1 trend in the parenting world (a la Facebook IQ) looks like it will be self-care habits.

What a cool and positive start to the new year! Gender-neutral topics (from naming to fashion and toys to education/pedagogy) are still buzzing, Insta-mom’ing will step aside in favor of parental/familial social media detoxes, anxiety is the biggest mental health concept due for some attention, and “tinker time” and DIY’s with the whole family will be popular activities. 

Consciousness of all kinds is swelling- from postpartum body celebrations to increasingly eco-conscious consumption taking place, newer topics include favoring audiobooks (as a step away from screen time and “smart” devices) and viewing health as a holistic concept.

That means scanning the environment to improve communities and cities (bye bye polluted skies, hello biking to school and long walks- even if it means uphill, in the snow, both ways), delving deep into nutritional concepts past basics like incorporating more antioxidants into complexities like dietary variation to improve energy – incorporating the eco-conscious consumption trend by researching ingredients in skin care (and packaging!) for the whole family. 

Sounds like a great year ahead to us, and the more interest is sparked, the more information we will find out. We can’t wait to explore and connect in all the bright, shiny ways a new decade promises!