Wearable Baby Monitors With Advanced Tracking – The Future is Now.

Baby monitoring… is there an app for that? Yes.

We have become so used to the ever-increasing advancements & innovations in technology that it’s becoming less and less surprising when an amazing piece of technology hits the market. In fact, we expect technology to eventually serve any & all our needs and wants. And it better be connected to my smartphone and the internet.

Will it come to any surprise for you to find out there is now wearable baby monitors that connect to your smartphone, giving you real-time information about what your baby is up to?

Essentially, what I am saying is you can connect your baby to your smartphone.

Say What

Wearable baby monitors can do everything from tracking your baby’s movement, the position your baby is in, their breathing, body temperature, the temperature of the room, whether your baby is asleep, how well your baby is sleeping (REM vs. non-REM) and more – and all this data is collected and conveniently displayed on your smartphone via an app.

These types of baby monitors are a life saver for worrying moms and pops out there. If you feel like you are constantly checking up on your baby, this could give you some relief and peace of mind that you’re looking for.

On the other hand, there is also an argument to be made that this type of baby monitor could make you worry more. You may feel the need to compulsively check your smartphone to check up on your baby, over and over and over, until it drives you bonkers.

Either way, this baby technology is still pretty rad.

Best Wearable Baby Monitors Available

Currently, wearable baby monitors that connect to your smartphone are relatively new. Some are limited in their tracking ability, only offering a couple options like temperature and movement reading. The more impressive ones will show you pretty much everything your baby is doing/feeling. Below are some of the most popular and advanced in baby tracking technology.

Sproutling Wearable Baby Monitor

When it comes to wearable baby tech, the Sproutling is the most impressive. Snap the monitor to your baby’s ankle, install the app, and you’ve got yourself NSA quality baby tracking.


Not only will this monitor track critical information such as heart rate, body positioning & body temperature (and send you emergency alerts if something is out-of-the-ordinary), but it will also learn and adapt to your baby’s habits.

The monitor will track and inform you of your baby’s optimal sleeping environment, such as the best room temperature, humidity and light settings to use. The monitor will also track your baby’s sleep patterns and give you an accurate estimate of how long your baby will sleep, when they will probably awake, and whether your baby will wake up cranky or happy. Welcome to the future.

Sproutling App

Other cool features of the Sproutling include sound level alerts if you have guests over, or like to watch television loud. Meaning it will create insights from the data it collects to let you know if you may be getting too loud and might wake the baby.

If you are the kind of parent who needs to know everything, the Sproutling is the way to go. This amazing piece of baby technology with all its monitoring capabilities might even make you feel like you are invading your baby’s privacy.


MonBaby Smart Breathing & Movement Monitor

The MonBaby is not quite as advanced as the Sproutling, but it still has some cool monitoring features (which is probably more than enough for most).


The monitor is like a button which attaches to the clothing your baby is wearing, so no need to strap it around their ankle like the Sproutling, as if your baby just committed a crime and is wearing a house arrest anklet.

MonBaby is mainly used to track breathing and your baby’s movements. It will let you know what body position your baby is in (if they’re on their back or stomach) and detect if your baby falls. The monitor also gives you real-time tracking information of your baby’s sleeping patterns and cycles.

A cool unique feature of the MonBaby monitor is the “proximity alarm” which you can use to make sure your baby hasn’t left a certain area, such as the designated play area.

Mimo Wearable Baby Tracker

The Mimo tracker is another cool monitor that was developed by MIT graduates. Unlike the previous wearable monitors that you snap on, this one is actually a wearable piece of clothing in the form of a onesie.

Wearable Baby Monitor

The monitor is integrated inside the onesie. The downside with this monitor is that your baby will eventually outgrow it. This monitor will track breathing and stream to your smartphone information such as sleep activity, body temperature, body position and breathing patterns.

It will also work as your standard audio monitor, capturing the sound in your baby’s nursery so you can listen in.

The Future of Baby Monitoring…

Don’t get me wrong, these products are really cool and useful. But I really hope we don’t get too crazy and accidentally turn our babies into cyborgs. Then we will have a baby borg situation on our hands! …what, not a Star Trek fan?

In all seriousness, getting finicky about this stuff could disrupt your peace of mind and increase anxiety. Growing evidence is starting to show that Newer Types of Baby Monitors Offer “Peace of Mind” But May End Up Doing the Opposite

updated 12/13/2019