Yoee Baby ( All-in-One ) Developmental Baby Toy

The Yoee Baby Development Toy aims to put the best elements of infant toys like plush, rattle, teether and sensory toys, to make the ultimate all-in-one starter toy for baby.

This toy was actually a Kickstarter project that turned into a real product through customer demand and reaching their pledged goal. That is what I love about Kickstarter products, you know its something awesome and highly valued if people are willing to donate their money away to make it a reality. Yoee Baby ended up receiving $35,663 donations, with the original pledged amount being $20,000.

Instead of getting 5 different toys, why not combine them all into one toy so baby never loses attention, or gets bored – so many ways to play with Furry Friend Companion! The toy is designed for infant babies 0-3 months, 0-6 months, all the way up to 18 months old & beyond, or whenever your toddler grows out of it.

Not just a plush toy,but also a development and sensory toy, a teether, and a rattle – the feather also adds a bit of mystery to the toy (for baby) while giving you a fun way to play with ticklish baby.

According to the product creators, its design is supposed to be based on the most recent science and current research on the developing brain to promote bonding and interaction and brain development with your newborn baby. The Yoee team but all their efforts into creating the perfect toy. Does the Yoee Baby live up to its hype??

Make Your Baby’s First Toy A Yoee Baby