10 Hilarious Tweets By Parents On Parenting

Life as a parent is hard. It comes with challenges that those without experience can barely understand. Lack of sleep, anxiety, frustration… the list goes on.

However, in the midst of the chaos of taking care of children, if you can maintain your sense of humor, you will find that along with the frustrations there are inevitable moments of hilarity & unusual wisdom.

Below are some tweets that are both hilarious and revealing about what life is like as a new parent!

Take Note Of These Words of Wisdom..

#1 Prepare For the Cheerios



#2 Babies Will Fall Asleep at the Most Inopportune Times..



#3 Your Brain Will Get Inundated With Songs For Kids..



#4 Never Forget, Toddler Minds Are Like Sponges..



#5 You Deserve an Afternoon Glass of Wine, or Two..



#6 Uninterrupted Sleep Feels Like Finding Water in the Desert..



#7 Toddlers Are So Lovable… and Demanding.



#8 You Must Always Out-Smart Your Toddler



#9 You’ll Learn to Apreciate the Little Things..



#10 LOL.