15 Most Hilarious Maternity Shirts We Could Find on the Internet

It is always frustrating when you have to buy brand new clothes to fit during those 9 months. On the other hand, it can also be awesome if you sport one of these funny maternity shirts! Guaranteed to cause a giggle – perhaps even offend a couple people. Score!

So everyone knows you’re pregnant.. af.

Beach ball belly!

For those hip to Sir Mix Alot

..and for those hip to Vanilla Ice!

I should have listened when they said don’t eat the watermelon seeds!

Thought I was pregnant, but no.
Ultrasound revealed it’s just pizza.

It’s not burritos, its a baby. I swear!


It is a little Bun in an Oven! Hehe

8 Months Sober Pregnancy Shirt

I just wanted a back rub!

Baby Under Construction!

Whale Hello There! 😉

Baby peeking through belly!

To deter strangers from unwelcome belly touching..

More direct than the previous one..
I’m Pregnant, Not in a petting Zoo!