18 Play Tents Your Toddler Will Love

Here’s a list of some of the best play tents for toddlers. Play tents are awesome, giving your toddler a space of their own to play around with their toys in their own little world. Plus, they will last for years as a source of enjoyment for your kids to play in!

The Swehouse clubhouse is a great choice for both boys and girls. The door rolls up and down allowing for a feeling of privacy from pesky grown ups. And to further keep grown ups out, the door says “Kids Only – Keep Out!”

Also, in case of a need of emergency exist, kids can sneak out the back through a secret hole. All in all this a great play tent that is spacious, colorful and cute.

Ahoy matey! This play tent is a great choice for kids dazzled by the sea. A unique tepee design and sea faring graphics to spur the sailor in your youngin’s heart and imagination!

Love Tree Kids Play Tent Castle Large Teepee Tent is huge compared to most tents. It also has a very unique design. The entrance opens up with royal-like curtains. The color scheme shown is one of few to choose from.

Little Dove Kids Foldable Play Tent comes as your classic Teepee style. This play tent is particularly awesome in that it gives your kids a change to express and develop their creativity by decorating their teepee the way they want. Includes things like a banners, fairy lights, feathers, and ploes.

Here’s what you been looking for! The gingerbread play tent! Okay, maybe you weren’t but this is one of the cutest tents out there if you ask me. The only problem? You can’t eat it.

Much like the gingerbread play tent, this “candy house” tent looks just as delicious. Alas, you can’t eat this one either. Geared more towards girl toddlers as you can see from the bright pink color scheme.

What kid doesn’t want to have a play fortress? You can spare your sofa cushions and blankets from being used as play fortress material and let them use this awesome castle fortress tent!

There’s nothing quite as exciting as when a kid first learns about the existence of giant ancient reptiles that once roamed the Earth. Some kids will become obsessed and demand some dinosaur toys to play with. This dinosaur tent happens to be the perfect spot for a dinosaur loving kid and their toys.

The NARMAY Ocean World Dome Tent features sea creatures in its design. This play tents isn’t too large, but is great for small toddlers.

Rocket Ship Play Tent! Let your little one pretend they are an astronaut exploring deep space with this awesome tent shaped like a rocket!

Perhaps space travel is a little much for your little girl, and she prefers to be a unicorn princess! The design is sort of like a fortress, for a mighty unicorn princess and her toys. It also comes with a Unicorn Princess Crown. Why be a regular princess, when you can be a UNICORN PRINCESS??

This tent is pretty simple but kids still love it – offering a private safe space to play with toys and friends. It’s very colorful and spacious, with plenty of tunnels to go in and out!

No doubt your kid will start getting jealous because you get to drive while they cannot. Compromise with this play tent shaped like a car so they can at least use their imagination!

Every boy wants to be a super hero. There are few things as heroic as those who risk their lives to help others like firemen. This firetruck tent lets your little one play hero, putting on dangerous fires and saving cats stuck in trees. Just make sure they don’t bring the hose inside to put out imaginary fires!

Second to firemen, the police are heroes your little one will want to emulate! This play tent shaped like a cop car gives the chance for prime imaginary play, so your little officer can stop the bad guys!

Is pops’ a military man and little one wants to be just like him? This Army van play tent will surely make your little one feel like a G.I. Joe!

Here we have the mother of all play tents. The main rocket ship tent attaches to a tunnel that attaches to a giant pool of colorful balls. Just look at it! I’m an adult (so they tell me) and even I want to play around in this thing!